August 18 2009

Buffy Season 8, Issue 27


buffy season 8, episode 27Characters Seen:

We open on Amy peering into a bowl and telling Twilight (HEY!  Remember him?  The big bad of this “season”?  Yeah, nice to see him again!) that all of the Slayers drowned.  He screams that the bowl lies and smacks it from Amy’s hands.  He also informs her that he “knows Buffy too well” to believe she would die silently.  Warren picks up on the reference, but nothing is said about it as they continue to search for all the missing Slayers.  Someone else in the room says they think they know where all of them went, and…

We cut to the submarine still sitting in the mountains in Tibet next to a temple.  Willow, Buffy, Giles, Dawn and Xander sit on the porch drinking tea with Oz.  A woman named Bay is serving the tea, and Oz explains “She’s the rest of me.”  He also says they should all meet the baby… a puppy barks and everyone jumps and stares at it.

Oz: Yeah. No.  See that’s the dog.

Another woman appears carrying a baby, and Oz introduces them all to him, but Giles and Buffy press Oz with the subject that they need to know if he can help them suppress the magical footprint they leave everywhere they go.

Oz flashes back to arriving at the temple, and the monks greeting him silently.  He tells them that a warlock in Romania sent him and he would appreciate it if they could do something soonish as the full moon is rising in the sky.  He changes and crushes the tea cup in his hand.

Next time we see him he is in a cage and Bay is offering him butter tea.  She sits outside the cage and they stare at one another.

Oz says they gave him herbs, charms and chants to help push the wolf down, and although he slipped a few times, he felt he was getting better.  he decided he could try to go back to America and we see a one panel reference to the episode where he changed and attacked Tara.  After that he went back to the temple and tried again, though he admits he sometimes has to fight the urge to just give in to it.

We cut back to Twilight talking with the guy who said they may have figured out where to locate the Slayers due to a spike in magic readings.  Another person says it’s an artifact, but Twilight wants to go to the location and check it out.

Oz continues his tale of learning to control his wolf side.  Bay says it was she that stopped Oz from giving into the wolf, and she taught him about the original religion of Tibet, Bon.  She taught him about the spirtual being in all things around them, and that if they just sat there and watched it, they would know they were a part of it.

He learned that containing the wolf wasn’t the way to do things, but you have to let the energy pass through you, back into the Earth.  From the art, this is when Oz fell for Bay, but he doesn’t discuss it.  We learn that more people started coming to the temple to learn how to control their werewolves (this isn’t made clear until later, but I’m spoiling you now to save myself trouble later on)  Specifically Oz tells them about an Englishman named Monroe he suffered terribly, but at the temple he find almost immediate relief.  He goes on about how you have to let the wolf pass through during the full moon and pass back in to the Earth.  (Yes, it jumped randomly in the book, I didn’t skip ahead)

Bay offers everyone more butter tea, they all pass saying they aren’t used to butter in their tea, but Bay says it isn’t really butter, just milk directly from Yaks.  (Everyone yaks)  Bay offers them a tour, and as they go to leave, Oz asks Willow if they’re okay.  She says something is bothering her, but not what he thinks and she’ll tell him later.

Oz tells them it takes about a year of full moons to get it right.  When Monroe felt he was ready, he went back in to the world and brought back dozens of new followers.  Then they discovered they had a rival to deal with.

Buffy: The Buddihists?
Oz: yeah, those safron-robed jerks were kicking our ass.
Giles: Really?
Oz: No, not really.  They don’t do that.

It seems that  Monroe decided to set up his own school of training that thinks like, Willow says “Like Veruca”, and Oz confirms it.  The group of werewolves that Monroe leads embraces their wolf sides.  Darn says Slayers are similar, but everyone shoots her a dirty look.

Monroe’s werewolves attacked Oz’s temple during a full moon while the bad wolves were at their strongest, and Oz’s were at their weakest.  The monks were killed, and just as Monroe is coming at Oz, Oz stops the story and Dawn cries out “Suspenseful!”

Amy is casting a spell for Twilight, and she believes she has pinpointed the source of the magical spike.  Someone else in the group comments on how wrong it is for them to be using magic when they are against it, but it goes unheard.

Back to Oz, Bay transformed and attacked the werewolf facing down Oz, killing it.  The others ran off, and Oz says from then on they carried knives.  Bay regrets what she did as she fears she made him in to a martyr.  Oz apologizes to Willow for not telling her about Bay and the baby, but Willow says that isn’t her problem.  She says she is jealous of his life and future, and she apologizes to him for being like that.

Meanwhile, Buffy and Bay talk:

Buffy: Twilight is tracking us, we need to learn to not be magical.
Bay: Really?  Because not teleporting submarines is a good first step.

The group conversation continues and Giles asks if Oz thinks his ways can help, to which Buffy adds that he must remember that Slayers are all magic all the time.  Oz thinks that his methods will help tone things down.  Bay says they most be devoted, if they don’t let it take complete hold that it could be more dangerous than not trying at all… Bay is interrupted as a werewolf attacks, she cuts it in the side with a knife and it runs off.  Oz continues and says that if this doesn’t work, Buffy has just made his home into a very big target.

Twilight and his people arrive where they think the spike happened to discover no one is there.  One of the random Twilight soldiers explains that the echo probably bounced due to the mountains, but Twilight says that this will not stand.

Oz says the Slayers need to exert themselves physically to wear themselves down to the mental aspect… so they go to bury the submarine.

Twilight says the man who found the spike is to be killed, and no one is to worry, Buffy and the Slayers can’t help what they are, and they will find them eventually.

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