August 20 2009

Dirty Dancing Set To Be Remade For The Big Screen

dirty dancing logoIt was only a matter of time before Hollywood went to this property to give it the remake treatment.

Lock up your daughters, folks! The classic story of an adult man having sex with an underage girl is back!  Lionsgate has announced its intent to remake Dirty Dancing.

No word on who will star in this abomination as of yet, so we have no clue yet who will utter…

Nobody puts Baby in the corner!

Oh come on, folks, you know that line is going to make it in to the remake!  How can it not?!?  Whatever schlub gets to deliver it will probably over do it to death to try to live up to the “greatness” of  Patrick Swayze’s delivery.

As I stated previously, I despise this property mostly because every one overlooks the fact that it is a story of an adult man having sex with an underage girl.  Yet people go on and on about how “sweet” and “romantic” it is.  No, it is dirty and wrong if you give it more than two seconds of thought.

Hopefully this will fall flat on its face like Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights did.  Just leave this alone for everyone’s sanity!

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