August 22 2009

The Vacation Thus Far

mashable hyattYes folks, that is an actual picture of me in Boston. This photo is a rarity for two reasons: I can’t remember the last time I posted a picture of myself on this blog, and it is also serves as evidence of me being on vacation.

I’ve talked about the vacation on Scattercast, but not in a post.  I haven’t taken an actual vacation since Labor Day weekend in 1996, and even then I ended up doing work.  My trips to Tokyo, while fun, were always about work.  Any trips elsewhere in the USA were about work.  This trip to Boston is all about relaxing.

As you may or may not know, depending on how much you read the site, Boston is the home of the Diabolical Miss M, my best friend and occasional guest on Scattercast, so hence why I chose Beantown.  (It is amazing how many odd looks people have given me about choosing Boston for a vacation… deal with it)

Due to unavoidable circumstances, she had to be out of town one day while I was here, and that just happened to line up with my former employers at Mashable hosting an event at the downtown Hyatt.  For lack of anything else to do, and wanting to meet more of the people I worked with there, I headed on over to the #hyatt4good event.

It was nice to finally meet Adam Hirsch (COO of Mashable), Sharon Feder (Managing Editor), Brett Petersel (events director) and Josh Catone (features editor).  Funny story about Josh, he and I basically switched jobs when I left Mashable.  I went to where he had been working, and he came to Mashable as Features Editor, my old job.

Thanks to Brett for taking the picture of me last night, and, yes, the green strap across my chest is my 24 bag, i.e. the “Satchel of Doom”.  Sadly I was lacking explosives in its current load out… however, it is handy for carrying your camera, notepad, spare business cards and so on!  So I was kind of like “executive Jack Bauer”!

It was nice to get out and actually talk technology and trends with people face-to-face.  Big thanks to Michael Sprague from CommUniversity for sending me some info on a nifty new BlackBerry app that is in closed Beta.  (and check out his site, great idea for people trying to select what college to go to)

Anyway, I’m here until Tuesday, and then back to the grind.  Although it may be hard to tell I’m on vacation since I am still doing all my blogging jobs each day, I really am!  I mean, I actually sat down on the dock behind my hotel yesterday, and just… sat.  I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve done that.  No laptop… nothing to write with… I just sat and looked around for about 10 minutes.  Then the humidity drove me away, but hey, at least I did it!

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