August 24 2009

Famous Graves Rock My World

grim reaperI’ve always had an odd fascination with death, and more specifically famous deaths.  No clue why, I just do.  Typically I’m more interested in graves and stories that have to do with bizarre circumstances, famous murders, etc, but when The Diabolical Miss M offered me the chance to see the graves of famous people from the time of the Revolutionary War, who am I to say “no”?  (besides, saying “no” to one of her suggestions might have her dumping me in to a pool of her sharks… they have frickin’ laser beams on their head!)

So as we wandered Boston today, we hit up a couple of the famous graveyards in the downtown area that have some of the founding fathers of the United States, and the grave of Elizabeth Pain, the woman The Scarlet Letter was based on.

Besides seeing these amazing people who formed our country, I was struck by how much the tombstones seemed like something out of a Tim Burton film.  The iconography on them seemed like something right out of The Nightmare Before Christmas, and you almost have to wonder if Burton was influenced by seeing these or similar tombstones.

First up, Mother Goose… I’m not sure I was ever even aware she was a real person!

mother goose

Samuel Adams… thanks for the beer, man. (Yes, I know he didn’t create it)

samuel adams

Ben Fanklin’s parents

franklin parents

Paul Revere’s tomb, couldn’t believe how tiny it was!

paul revere

Apparently I wasn’t alone in my shock as they added a second marker next to the original.

paul revere

Okay, this is John Hancock’s grave, and I’m sorry, but I will leave it up to your imagination why I could NOT stop snickering.

john hancock

Elizabeth Pain… do you see a subliminal “A”?

elizabeth pain

And finally, the moment you have all waited for… a picture of “M” on this very blog!


What can I say? She’s quick… like a cheetah.  (and, yes, this “picture” of M is only funny to longtime readers of this blog or listeners of my podcast)

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