August 26 2009

So, That’s What A Vacation Feels Like…

jacob wirthSo, I am back from my journey to Boston, and all I can say is… it wasn’t nearly long enough.

I got back from vacation last night around 7:30 PM and I just was not ready at all to be back.  Boston was a ton of fun, but of course the highlight was finally getting to hang out with The Dastardly Miss M of Scattercast fame.  Living up to her evil reputation, I am fairly certain she had an evil plot to walk me around Boston until my feet bled.  Luckily she had warned me of the amount of walking and I had actually started going to the gym to use a treadmill back on May 1st.  I can only imagine how bad it would have been if I hadn’t done that.

A lot more will be covered of what we did in this week’s episode of Scattercast, but in general, I had a blast, and I will definitely be looking to take a vacation more than once every 13 years.  It won’t necessarily involve M, though we did discuss possible scenarios for a second get together, but just in general I do plan on taking more time off in my work if for no other reason than to preserve my sanity.

I actually spoke with Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins about this via instant message on Monday night after M and I had parted ways for the final time before I left on Tuesday.  He and I both agree that while we love blogging, we are just working far too hard, and we have to both find more time to relax.  We also both agreed to remind each other of this on a regular basis so we don’t just slide in to our usual habits of working non-stop all the time.

So, yes, I admit it, I’m not getting any younger, and I need to take more time for myself.  Finding that time may not be easy, but I have to do something lest I go mad.

Thanks to M for snapping the accompanying photo of me.  Any picture of me is a rare occurrence, so enjoy the fact it actually happened!

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