September 8 2009

Buffy Season 8, Issue 28


buffy season 8, episode 28Characters Seen:

We open up this issue with Andrew going to see Giles in the middle of the night.  Giles informs him there had better be a demon attack, and Andrew replies there is … or could be.  Giles goes to close the door, but Andrew puts his hand up and tells Giles that there is a spy in their midst.

Andrew tells him that he feels Warren finding him in the catacombs of Rome confirms it.  Giles says he doesn’t see the connection, but Andrew says that Twilight is good at being evil and at turning people, even making them kill.  Giles tells Andrew that is he starts spreading this theory that it will just result in finger pointing in other badness and tells him to drop it.  Andrew keeps on point, but Giles tells him to go to bed.

Not yet discouraged, Andrew heads back to his room and retrieves a video camera he had Xander pick up for him on his last trip in to town (remember they are still at Oz’s temple in the Himalyas – Sean).  He says he will start observing everyone, including Oz’s puppy as he struck Andrew as being “a bit dodgy”.

Andrew decides to start by speaking with Bay, Oz’s new girlfriend, about the process of getting magicks out of your life.  She tells him it is all about redirecting them into the Earth.  She tells him that it is also a mixture of meditation and hard work that will let you disconnect from the magicks, so Slayers are doing things like weaving, farming, churning butter, taking apart the submarine to trade its parts for high tech defenses and more.  They are also training the Slayers in traditional forms of fighting as they realize the girls will still face dangers.

With that interview complete, Andrew opts to start talking with the more disgruntled Slayers that are unhappy with how things are going.  This includes a brief interview with Satsu who’s only real comment is that she feels weak, and she doesn’t like it.  A few other Slayers complain, but they don’t linger on it for long.

Andrew decides to hide in a tree and observe Faith as she has always stood apart from the others.  He finds her and Buffy attempting to move a large boulder out of a field while a cat plays around on the boulder.  The conversation he captures isn’t one he expected:

Buffy: Man, this sucks.
Faith: Oooof
Buffy: Maybe we could just plant the garden around the boulder and call it a feature?
Faith: You miss what we’re giving up, don’t you?
Buffy: You don’t?
Faith: (she and Buffy are now using part of a tree to leverage the boulder out) It got to me. What we had to do. What I had to do. I’m not strong enough to have to be that strong. Good riddance.
Buffy: Every life meant something to you. Every one.
Faith: They did to you, too.
Buffy: Did they? I don’t know. I guess that’s why I need this. I need to feel that connected. I don’t want to stand … to stand over people any more.
Faith places a comforting hand on Buffy’s shoulder.

Andrew finds the bonding nice and moves on to observing Xander and Dawn as every one is a suspect.

Dawn: What do you suppose this says?
Xander: On the Chinese land mine? That says, ‘This side towards enemy.’
Dawn: How do you know? That’s what is says on claymores, but maybe the Chinese label the other side?
Xander: Humans point to the danger, not the sage. It’s a thing about humans.
Dawn: Maybe we should point to the safe sometime.
Xander: Maybe that’s what we’re doing here?
Dawn: Right. A chance. To have a life. For you to go for what you want, Xander.

Andrew wonders about Dawn’s cryptic reference, and is the thing Xander wants something that Twilight can give to him?

When he next catches up to Xander, he is sitting on a hill top with Buffy … and a yak.  Xander wants to know if Buffy has told Willow the big secret yet.  Buffy asks which one, and Xander reminds her of killing Willow in the future.  She says she worries about telling her because it might be what turns her evil.  While they talk, Buffy is sucking her thumb, and Xander asks if that is because of the secret, but Buffy informs him she has a splinter and it hurts like heck.  Apparently her powers are indeed leaving her if a splinter can hurt her now, and Buffy speculates she can feel more now.  Xander takes her hand in both of his and asks her to tell him.

They lay on the hilltop, and you get the distinct feeling of a potential kiss between the two as Buffy says there are very few people she loves … she resolves to talk to Willow.  Xander says she should come find him as soon as the two of them have talked, and she promises she will.

Andrew goes to interrogate Giles about knowing that Willow is going to go Dark Willow again.  Andrew confronts Giles about Will going Dark again, and Giles attempts to avoid it, but Andrew finally screams at him to answer the question, and he does … Willow will go Dark again.  Andrew says he wants to follow her for the safety of everyone, and if he finds anything they can deal with her.  Giles agrees with him, much to Andrew’s surprise.

The video switches to Andrew filming himself drawing a picture of Dark Willow coming after him and Jonathan.  It’s child-like in nature, but you get the idea, and he says they have a past, but he loves “real Willow”, and so he finds this all –he flips the page he’s drawing on to a snapped apart heart — heartbreaking.

Oz is sitting on Willow’s bed, holding his baby, as Willow is talking angrily about how she can’t seem to get a handle on dumping the magicks.  In the background the cat and the “dodgy” puppy are playing.  Oz is telling her it’s easy, she just has to work at it, instead of pulling the energy from around her, she needs to dump it in to the Earth instead of bottling all of the “poison” inside herself.  She asks, “But without the poison, what am I?”  Oz says that was a telling statement.

Willow continues being pissed off, and Oz wants to know why.  She says she’s angry with him because he got out of the game, he went out and had a real life, but now she feels like he is being fake and his true self.  He says this is real, and Willow can have a child too if she wants, she says he can’t.  Oz says there’s adoption and donors … Willow says it’s more about what she is and what she has to do.  Oz hugs her and tells her again she can just let it go, but she says she can’t.  Oz asks if she wants to watch the baby for a while, Willow seems shocked Oz would trust her, and asks him such.

Andrew cuts the video to himself again and says that was intense and he should follow Willow, but he can’t find her at first.  When he does finally catch up with her, Buffy has found her, and Willow seems to be enjoying her time with the baby.  As Willow begins talking about how she is finally believing she could have a life, that for so long she had thought she was just a force, and that meant no babies, but now she’s thinking different, and … “I killed you in the future,” Buffy interjects.

Buffy continues her apology:

Buffy: I went to the future and you there and very dark and I killed you and and I’m so sorry I didn’t tell —
Willow: It wasn’t me.
Buffy: What?
Willow: Sorry, because I know you meant this to be all dramatic and cleansy, and I know it must’ve been terrible for you, but that … if that was a possible me, I don’t think it still is.

And if it still is, well … I’ll work harder at this no-magic thing. So that it won’t be possible.
Buffy: It’s really — we’re really okay?
Willow: We’re great.

They hug, and Buffy says she is going to find Xander as she promised to find him after they talked.  Willow says Xander is a good guy, and Buffy agrees.  Willow adds after her, “We can all have futures, Buffy.  Even you.”

As she walks the halls, she tells Andrew to leave her alone with the camera, and as she gets to a door, Andrew dramatically narrates the scene of something stopping Buffy in her tracks … Andrew peaks in the room to see Xander and Dawn kissing.  He pans back to Buffy who looks stunned and finally says, “Go away, Andrew.”

At last Andrew gathers the Slayers to tell of his suspicions, and he apologizes to Willow dor suspecting her, and … as he talks, the cat that has been in the background all issue disappears in a light … Xander announces it must have been Amy.  Buffy calls for the Slayers to get ready … Twilight is coming for them.

You know, when this Buffy series started, I thought it would be nice to do these posts for the world, but 28 issues later, these things are taking me a minimum of 3 hours to write up as I have to decide how to describe each scene, what to quote, etc.  Please, for the love of all things Buffy, let us get to the end of this season!

That being said … interesting issue.  It felt like more stuff got advanced than it has in a long time.  The Xander/Dawn kiss is … well … it’s kinda icky.  The tension has always been there, but it just feels weird to “see” it happen finally.  Especially with Buffy apparently finally getting feelings for him.

Willow just saying, “Oh, I won’t go Dark, la la la” … um, yeah, this is Joss Whedon we’re talking about here, she just doomed herself to going full-on Dark again.

See ya in a month.

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