September 11 2009

9/11 – Eight Years On, And It’s Time To Sing Some Praises

9/11 firemanWhen was the last time you thought about a fireman? A policeman? An EMT? Why not take a moment today to do that?

Eight years ago today terror came to our doorstep, and a certain breed of men and women raced toward it to help their fellow man.  In the weeks and months following 9/11, people embraced emergency workers all across the country, even if they weren’t near Ground Zero, they were all brothers and sisters, and people remembered these people that work tirelessly in the backgrounds of our lives.

As time passed, as with so many things, people stopped thinking about them again, and I think it’s time we did again.

Each year on this date I write a post marking the memory of September 11th, but I think maybe it’s time we once again celebrate these people who work constantly to save our lives and protect us.  I admit my bias in that my paternal grandfather was a fire captain in Phoenix, AZ in my childhood, but that is my extent of connection to emergency workers.

So why not take a moment of your time and donate to a local emergency worker charity?  Do you drive by a fire department each day?  Why not take them some ice cream or treats?  (trust me, fireman will never turn down food)  Tell a policeman you appreciate them.  Why should we wait for the next disaster to remember these relatively unsung heroes of our world?

September 11th will never be a “happy” day again in the history of this country, but it doesn’t mean we can’t do something good with it for those around us.

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