September 11 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

potcd23Are you ready for another outing with Captain Jack Sparrow?

Disney is currently hosting its first ever official convention in Anaheim, CA, the D23 convention. 5,000 lucky fans were surprised today by Johnny Depp being wheeled out on stage in full Jack sparrow costume, riding upon a replica of the Black Pearl. According to the Los Angeles Times, Mr. Depp stayed in character the entire time, and made jokes about eating Kermit the Frog, who had been on stage earlier, and how he imagines that he “tastes of chicken.”

The whole reason for his appearance was to announce that the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean film not only has a title now, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, but a release date which has been set for summer 2011.

According to The Geek Files, the title may give away the plot as there was a pirate story called On Stranger Tides that Disney bought the rights to.  The story deals with pirates arriving in the newly founded New Orleans and then looking for the legendary Fountain of Youth.  Rumors had been that the fourth movie would deal with Sparrow and Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush) following a similar story, so it looks like we know the plot.

Sadly, Gore Verbinksi, whom directed the first three films has been replaced by Rob Marshall.  I am not overly familiar with Mr. Marshall’s work, but hopefully he won’t change the over all look of the series that much, but I’m willing to give him a fair shake.

So, what say you, are you ready for another adventure with Jack Sparrow?


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  • Stephanie

    I can't wait. This is one of Johnny Depp's best roles and I know he enjoyed playing it. He is so sexy as Jack Sparrow. It should be another great film.

  • Tim Raider

    Can't wait! Great story, wonderful actors all, YO ME HARIDIES YO HO……I want to be a 'bloody pirate'…mate

  • Jack

    NO NO NO. On Stranger Tides is a really amazing, beautifully crafted dark pirate fantasy by Tim Powers. It was released in 1987 and reissued a couple of years ago. It may have the Pirates of the Caribbean ride among its inspirations–and it may not–but it has NOTHING to do with the Pirates movies. This would be like George Lucas buying the rights to Dune and then making a new version of it…set in the Star Wars universe.

    Wow. I thought I was beyond being angry about movie adaptations of books I like…

  • Captain jack seems very serious, he really wants to find the fountain of youth. The poster looks great. Just waiting for the second trailer to come.