September 11 2009

Scattercast Episode 60: Where did my body go?!?

Scattercast is 60… and pondering early retirement!

– Different headset this week … Franklin, the 4-month-old cocker, destroyed my good one

– My weight loss has taken an odd, and slightly scary, turn

– Weight loss goals and some other thoughts on my losing 109 lbs so far

– is moving servers … again

– iPods

– Music

– A new recurring feature of Scattercast … listen in to find out what it is!


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  • Meaghan

    Still hate the music… it makes me feel like cockroaches are scrambling around in my skull! To quote the wicked witch… it burns, it burns!!

    To address the weight loss issue, I've been right where you are! I've lost more weight way faster than I or my doctors ever expected. I actually thought I was sick, much like you did. I went so far as to start a "weight gain" campaign and was completely freaked when it didn't happen! Luckily, during just these past 3 weeks I've gained 6 lbs, much to that thanks of my re-association with Kool-Aid (love that sugar!). Now I'm panicked about losing it! Life is a constant dichotomy, right? Argh!

    iPod Touch vs. Nano… zzzzzzz….. huh, wha… ? Okay, I'm up. Wait, did you say FM Tuner? zzzzzzz …

    *cough* Co-host… ?? *cough* Sorry, my allergies must be acting up. *cough*

    Survivor… Ben who?? Seriously!! I'll be sooooo pissed if you don't tell me!! Never mind, it's not the Ben I was thinking of ("Beachball Ben" as my mom used to call him.. the once kville cop). It's the little brother of our friend Alisha, the Ben that was once annoying and is now SMOKING hot!! Yow!

    "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" is one of the only shows that I will turn to every single time I see that it's on. It is vulgar, humorous, tasteless, offensive… everything I look for in prime time entertainment. I have to admit that I'm surprised you only viewed it recently. It's right up your alley!