September 12 2009

Mother Accused Of Incest With Son She Gave Up For Adoption

Aimee Louise SwordA mother who gave up her son for adoption years ago, began reconnecting with him over the Internet, and now she stands accused of committing incest with him.

Aimee Louise Sword, a 35-year-old woman from Michigan, gave up a son early on in life for adoption.  According to ABC News, she was allowed limited contact with him over the years, but at some point they began talking more on the Internet.  She now stands accused of having started a sexual relationship with in the Summer of 2008.

In the Fall of 2008, somehow Child Protective Services (CPS) became aware of the situation and alerted the local police.  An investigation was conducted, and Ms. Sword eventually surrendered to the police on April 24th of this year.  She was initially charged with three counts of felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct, but now a judge has lowered it to just one count.  She is currently free on $3,000 bond, and is scheduled to go to a hearing on Sept. 21st.  Ahead of her hearing, she has already plead not guilty.

The details in this case are very sketchy as the boy involved is a minor, and Michigan won’t even allow his age to be revealed to the public.  (not that his age should matter in a case of incest)  Ms. Sword has other children, and all of them have been removed from her home by CPS.

It will be interesting to see what the evidence in this case is, because from the multiple stories I’ve read, no evidence is ever mentioned.  Compared to the teacher sex scandals I normally cover, which usually have heaps of evidence, this one seems to be missing a lot.  While I’m not one to pass judgement usually, you have to wonder if possibly the adopted parent(s) didn’t like the increased contact between Ms. Sword and her son.  I have zero evidence of this, it is pure speculation, but you do have to wonder.

Update 07/13/10: Ms. Sword has plead guilty to the charges and has been sentenced.

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