September 22 2009

London Teacher Sentenced For Lesbian Affair With Student

helen goddardWell, that didn’t take long.

A mere month after 26-year-old Helen Goddard, a trumpet instructor at the City of London School for Girls, was discovered to be having a sexual relationship with one of her 15-year-old female students, she has been given her sentence.  While I normally don’t do follow ups on the sentencing of the teachers I write about, this one just filled in too many holes to be ignored.

According to the London Evening Standard, it was the teenager who instigated the relationship by first discussing personal issues with the teacher, and then eventually going for coffee together that led to the girl attempting to kiss the older woman.  The girl said in a victim impact statement that she felt remorse for the situations he had gotten the teacher into.

While the original story on Helen Goddard had the parents saying they would have no problem with their daughter eventually reconnecting with Ms. Goddard, they have now taken a much harder line over the situation. The young girls parents are now angry and say that the teacher betrayed their trust.  They also revealed that the girl had been telling them she was staying at a friend’s house when she was sneaking away to see the teacher.  Nothing specific was mentioned on how Ms. Goddard ended up taking the girl to Paris for a weekend to attend a Gay Pride parade, but they somehow managed to pull that off also.

As the evidence was presented, more details of the raid that found the two together was revealed.  When the police went to question Ms. Goddard, they found the girl there also, and confiscated numerous sex toys, including “fluffy handcuffs”.  They also seized the girl’s cell phone which contained one text message from Ms. Goddard that read:

‘It’s going to be a beautiful day. I love you. You were on my mind all night.

With the amount of evidence against her, Ms. Goddard confessed to six sexual encounters with the student between February and July of this year.

Speaking on her own behalf, Ms. Goddard said she had been “pressurised” (yes, she said “pressurised”) into the affair by the young girl.  Seeing as the woman is so much older, Judge Anthony Pitts apparently didn’t care; he sentenced Ms. Goddard to 15-months in jail, she must register as a sex offender for 10 years and she is banned for life from working with children.

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