October 5 2009

CobWEBs Special Daily Edition – Anyone thinking the FTC blogger rules are good are f***wads


In a break from the normal Daily Edition format of just two of the Cynical Bastards taking on an issue, both Steven Hodson and Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins join me today to tackle the subject of the FTCs attack on bloggers.

Yes, I edited the title of the episode, “Anyone thinking the FTC blogger rules are good are f***wads” because I opted to avoid the F-word in my title, but the exact quote, that came from my very own lips in the episode is that I said “f***tards”, and I stand by that.  If you agree with what the FTC has done, you are insanely short sighted and have zero ability to grasp the scope of what this foretells.

FTC Publishes Final Guides Governing Endorsements, Testimonials

FTC to Bloggers: Disclose Freebies or Face $11,000 FineReadWriteWeb

FTC Values Sponsored Conversations at $11,000 Apiece. – TechCrunch

FTC Launches New Guidelines For Blogs – StarterTech

FTC Media Roundup: The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent – SiliconANGLE

FTC says bloggers must disclose payments and freebies when reviewing products or risk being fined $16,000 – Orlando Sentinel

Bloggers Must Disclose Payments for Reviews – New York Times

FTC to Fine Bloggers up to $11,000 for Not Disclosing Payments – Mashable

FTC regulates our speech – Jeff Jarvis

[Special] CobWEBs Daily Podcast: Anyone thinking the FTC blogger rules are a good thing are fuckwads – Shooting at Bubbles

The FTC brings out the nut crackers and centers out bloggers – The Inquisitr

Please do yourselves a favor and research this situation for yourself, and if you disagree with us, tell us so, but don’t be surprised if we call you a F***tard.

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