October 10 2009

Buffy Season 8, Issue 29


buffy season 8, episode 28Characters Seen:

The Slayers are preparing for traditional warfare as they know Twilight is coming.  Since they have been at Oz’s temple, they have surrendered their magicks up to the Earth to hide themselves, and now they are learning you can’t just flip a switch to bring them back.

The original Scoobies have split off to talk to various groups of Slayers about the coming attack, and the fact that without magicks they will have no force fields, no rapid healing and people will die.  Willow seems the most distraught by this and has an outburst during Buffy’s talk with a group of Slayers, Buffy tells her they need to have a sidebar.

They go off to speak with Oz and Bay (his Tibetan girlfriend in case you forgot), who is holding their baby.  Willow is screaming about how they said it would take months for the magicks to go away, but Bay explains that once you commit to it, you can’t just get it back on a whim.  Willow explains that this isn’t a “whim”, it’s a “need.”

Oz tries to comfort her, but Willow is still going on about how they agreed to be made weak.  Bay interrupts saying that they brought an army to her peaceful home, so who really has the right to be angry.  Oz asks Bay to hand him the baby, but Willow says there is no need to protect the baby, she isn’t mad at them, but instead is mad at herself.  She points to her eyes and says, “I’m so angry at me, I can’t believe these aren’t black.”

Willow goes on about this being the wrong decision, how she knows now she can’t have a family, that she must die in the future, which Buffy half-heartedly confirms.  The two old friends hug as Willow says that she could have all of this, but now she has lost everything.

Xander and Dawn are in the Slayer’s armory demonstrating a wide assortment of weapons to the now powerless girls.  Machine guns, mortars, various types of grenades, self-loading auto cannons and tons more.  Andrew asks Xander about “the big thing”, but he tells him not to worry about that.

Giles and Buffy are looking at two Chinese assault rifles on a bed when Buffy asks why he needs two.  He says one is for her, but she replies that Slayers don’t need guns.  He reminds her she is no longer a Slayer.  He asks what’s bothering her, but she brushes it off and says they need to find Andrew to discuss an idea she has.

We cut back to Xander and Dawn now training some Slayers on how to monitor the radar station, and trying to teach them the difference between “noise” and actual aircraft.  The Slayers feel out of place, like they won’t get it, but Xander and Dawn explain that they never had powers, and they could do this stuff, so surely the girls can.  One of them refers to the Scoobies as “Mama and Papa” which Dawn and Xander just smile about.

Buffy is talking with Andrew, she wants him to create illusions that they still have magicks.  While they talk, Andrew asks how she’s doing considering what she saw (we see a flashback to Xander and Dawn kissing), but she brushes it off.  An hour later Andrew has all sorts of smokes and potions cooking to make it appear that they still have their magicks

The temple is now surrounded by weapons, Dawn comments on how Buffy is strong even when she is weak, and she is worried about how they had to retreat even when they were strong.  Xander tries to comfort Dawn, and gives her a kiss, Buffy looks on with a pained look in her eye.

A Slayer spots a plane on the radar, three Slayers pop out with surface-to-air shoulder missiles and take it out, but it doesn’t matter as tanks are now rolling in across a small creek.  As the Slayers prepare, a werewolf appears and transforms into Monroe, the man that Oz mentioned left the temple.  He says his wolves have come to help as Twilight’s group wants to destroy all magicks, so this puts them on the same side.

The fight is joined and both sides are hitting each other hard.  The werewolves attack as they can, but …

Willow: Buffy, look.  We’re not even slowing them down.
Buffy: Yeah, I’m starting to think there’s a reason no one’s written a suspense novel where the conflict is wolves vs. tanks.

Xander shows up at Buffy’s request, she tells him she needs his big secret weapon … Xander says that sounds like a come-on if he’s ever heard one.  She says she has no time for jokes, but he says it used to amuse her.  She just tells him, “Get it.  Use it.  Now.”

The tank commanders are surprised to see a torpedo sliding down the hill towards them.  A Slayer asks is torpedoes even work on land … a tank explodes … someone shouts “TORPEDOES WORK ON LAND!”

The Slayers regroup in the radar room, but they are concerned they are losing, and they need the magicks.  It suddenly dawns on Willow that Bay has kept saying they “redirected” them, Buffy goes to find Bay and finds Oz is carrying a wounded Bay through the battlefield.  Oz asks for help to take care of Bay, but Buffy has to ask her where the magicks go.  Bay says they go into the Earth, but Buffy doesn’t believe her.  They get Bay inside and lay her down, and Buffy continues questioning her and says one of the words in the chant they have been doing is “invocation” and she knows they have been begging for something to help them, Bay says it is “wrathful goddesses.”

Bay says that is just ancient names for the Earth, but Buffy thinks “Earth” is just the modern word for these goddesses, and she thinks the magicks have been sucked out of them by the goddesses, and the more they got, the faster they took the magicks.  Bay says they have conducted a trade, and by giving them their powers, the goddesses protect them.  Buffy says she wants to cash in their trade.  Willow tells Buffy Bay has passed out from her wounds.

Willow runs off to get the scrolls, and Giles asks if this will work, going from pulling back to full-throttle forward.  Buffy says it does when she punches someone, and Giles says she has a good point.  Willow returns with the scrolls as the temple is rocked by an explosion, Buffy tells Xander and Dawn to buy them 10 minutes while they work on the scrolls.  Willow says it would be easier if they could read them, and Buffy says Bay can.  Buffy tries to wake up Bay, but Oz stops her.  Buffy says they need her help to keep everyone alive, and Bay wakes up long enough to say that if they have anger in them, they can call them … Buffy says she has some anger.

Outside the war rages on … the Earth cracks open … colored mist shoots out of it, and three ancient looking goddesses appear in giant size as the issue draws to a close.

Nice to see a lot of action in this issue, although the cover misleads you and you never see Twilight in this issue.  You aren’t sure if Buffy is jealous of Dawn kissing Xander instead of her, or is she’s just disturbed by the whole situation.  For the first time in quite a

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