October 25 2009

And Hollywood Prepares To Unleash Another Slew Of Sequels

teen wolf tooAnd once again Hollywood shows us that they have no original ideas left.

Now, I can understand another James Bond movie, the 23rd in the series, as that is the nature of the original novels and the films themselves.  There will always be new villains for James Bond to take on, so of all the news I’ve heard recently on sequels (filming begins in late 2010), that one I can give a pass to.

It’s the rest of them that makes me pound my head into the desk.

30 Days of Night: Dark Days

30 Days Of Night was a lackluster film at capturing a very stylized comic book.  Set in Barrow, Alaska, the concept was that a group of vampires descend on the city when the city begins 30 days without sunlight.  It was a great concept, but the film was very uninspired and way too formulaic.

Well, production has begun filming on a second film, 30 Days of Night: Dark Days, and it sounds pretty awful just in concept.  Dark Horizons has the best synopsis out there

The sequel takes place a year since the Alaskan town of Barrow’s population was decimated by vampires during its annual month long sunset. Riddled with grief over the death of her husband, bound by nightmares and void of all emotions beyond hate and sorrow, Stella (Sanchez) has spent the past months traveling the world, trying to convince others that vampires exist.

Met with skepticism and laughter, Stella is ready to throw in the towel when a group of lost souls (Coiro, Baird and Perrineau) offers an incredible opportunity: the chance to exact revenge upon Lilith (Kirshner), the vampire queen responsible for the assault on her sleepy Alaskan town.

With nothing remaining to live for, and nothing left to fear, Stella joins their mission and ventures into the uncharted underbelly of Los Angeles where she pushes herself to the most extreme limits to stop the evil from striking again.

Los Angeles?  “Vampire Queen”?  This just sounds like bad idea after bad idea.  I admit I didn’t follow the comic after the first mini-series, and this may have been where the series went, but if it did, it also deserves mocking.

Mad Max 4:Fury Road

This movie has been rumored since shortly after Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome came out in 1985.  George Miller, creator of the series, is working on this film, but Mel Gibson will not be returning to the title role.  There will be a new Max (or possible Maxine, if some rumors are to be believed)

The first film in this series was a totally different film, and while I loved the second film, The Road Warrior, the third film does not stand the test of time.  I actually just caught it on cable not long ago, and I couldn’t believe how weak it really was seeing it again years later.  There is no need for a fourth film, especially 25 years later.  Pre-production begins next week, casting has yet to be completed and filming is slated for 30 weeks (extremely long for a film) beginning sometime in 2010.

Will audiences even care about the post apocalyptic world of this series at this point?

Mamma Mia 2

No … I’m not kidding.  This is in heavy development right now, and it will feature more music from Abba.

This isn’t the end of all the sequels that have been announced as of late: Blair Witch Project 3, Hitman 2,  Kill Bill Part 3 (to be fair, this was announced pretty much from day one, and where the story goes makes a lot of sense), Shrek 4, Spider-Man 4Wolverine 2, X-Files 3 and on and on.

Hey, Hollywood, here’s an idea: How about you focus on quality as opposed to seeing what you can make that will turn into a “series”?  I know, I’m a radical.

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