November 7 2009

Buffy Season 8, Issue 30


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This issue picks up with the Slayer/Wiccan team advancing on the soldiers as the Goddesses they summoned in the last issue lay waste to the battlefield.

Xander is calling for the Slayers to advance into the cleared areas and hold the territory.  In the meanwhile Slayers turn to one another asking if they have their powers back yet, but thus far they are all still powerless.

As the Goddesses continue destroying the soldiers, Warren is complaining to Amy and Twilight (there he is!  I knew he had to be somewhere around the fight!) that all of this was unnecessary, and that he was making progress with Andrew in tempting him to their side.

The General working with Twilight wants to pull his troops out, but Twilight says he wants the battle to continue so he can observe it.  The General says the Goddesses won’t stop until the troops are gone, but Twilight poses the thought that even that won’t stop them.

Xander & Dawn are giving the Slayers a talk on how to hold the ground they gain as the Goddesses push the troops back, and how they need to not just occupy it, but really make it theirs.  Dawn warns the Slayers that giants have a hard time knowing where they are stepping, so be careful.  Dawn asks Xander if her pores were that big when she was a giant, but Xander gives her a nervous & stuttering “no”.

Buffy and a few other Slayers are trying to turn a jeep upright and finally calls over Xander and Dawn to help them because they are still so weak.  Once it’s turned over, Buffy says she needs to get to something she saw in the middle of the battlefield, and Willow and Satsu (I think … I really hate Georges Jeantry’s art, it is impossible to tell who half the characters are as he lacks so many details) jumps in with her to head out.

Andrew and Giles are handing out more guns to the Slayers (er … shouldn’t that have been done ages ago?  Like, in issue #29?), and Andrew comments how he thought the Goddesses were supposed to make this be over quickly, but Giles say apparently they were wrong on that matter.

Inside the temple, Oz sits beside the ailing Bay who wants to know if the Goddess had come.  Oz tells her they did, and Bay says that they shouldn’t have come, which Oz isn’t sure if she means the Slayers or the Goddesses.  Bay simply replies with “We gave them everything.”

The jeep drives across the battlefield and Buffy keeps Willow from falling out as they get rocked by the footstep of one of the Goddesses.  Amy and Twilight watch through binoculars (which Warren wants to know why he doesn’t have a pair) and note that the Goddesses almost killed them.  As the jeep races across the battlefield, Buffy scrams at the Goddesses that they are the good guys, but then she notices that one of them is grabbing Slayers as well as the soldiers …

Buffy: The Goddesses, they’re not on our side.
Willow: What? We — They —
Buffy: They’re not on anyone’s side. They’re killers and we’re not getting our powers back.
Willow: We didn’t bring help. We brought death.

Dawn figures this out about the same time and calls for the Slayers to fall back to the temple.  As they enter, Oz asks Andrew why everyone is coming in and he says the Goddesses are killing indiscriminately.  Oz is confused since they called them, but Bay says it has been too long since they shared the surface with humans, they don’t recognize them.  A Slayer asks Faith if they are going to get their powers back, but she simply replies with, “No.”

Buffy finds Riley in the middle of the battlefield (HEY!  There he is!  We haven’t seen him since like issue #19!), he’s badly injured and she grabs him up into the jeep and tells Satsu (I’m still not sure …) to get him back to the temple for help.

As they drive back, they yell for the Slayers to take shelter where they can, and once back at the temple, Buffy gets Riley inside.  She calls for Xander who walks in and she runs over and hugs him with a smile, telling him she was worried about him (uh oh … after 8 seasons, we’re going THERE?!?).  A Slayer walks up and asks if Riley is a prisoner, Buffy says he isn’t and that he’s been working with them all along and he will tell them what Twilight has planned … which Andrew says he needs to wake up first.

Amy wonders why Buffy took Riley, which Twilight says he knows Riley was working with her all along.  Warren is confused as if Twilight knew this all along or is just figuring it out.  Amy tells him to shut up and they start arguing as Twilight starts to tell them they can’t trust anyone, anymore, and … he gives up as Amy and Warren continue arguing and walks away.

Buffy sits next to Riley and goes on about how he needs to wake up and help them figure out how to take out Twilight and the Goddesses at the same time, and how they need their powers back, and … Riley wakes up and says she needs a miracle, and he’s out.  He doesn’t know how she can win this.  Buffy wipes away tears and says, “No miracles.  No magicks.  So I guess what we have is …”

“… A losing battle.  Sometimes we fight them.  It’s unavoidable,” says Twilight.  The General says that they are just letting his men die, but Twilight says they were mortal and had to die sometime.  He says the Goddesses (who have now dug up the submarine and tossed it) will cleanse this valley and then move on to the next.

Buffy rallies the Slayers and Wiccans and tells them they aren’t getting their Magicks back, and they can’t run due to the Goddesses would move faster than they can.  So Buffy says they will stay at the temple, but do nothing to attract attention to themselves.  She says they need to collect their wounded, but then corrects herself to say also collect the wounded soldiers.  That they need to protect anything that bleeds.

As they march out, a soldier takes aim at Buffy, a Slayer shoves her out of the way, shooting the soldier, but in the meantime she shoves Buffy right into the hand of one of the Goddesses.  The Goddess lifts her up, looks at her, and drops her.

Five hours later Buffy wakes up, covered in snow and the Slayers and Wiccans are being marched off by the soldiers.  Buffy looks on from the distance, horrified.  She tries to center herself, she closes her eyes, meditates while standing up, opens her eyes and … screams “WHAT THE HELL?!” as she finds herself floating in the air high above the temple.

Decent issue, but the Riley thing would have had a lot more impact if we had seen him more than just the once so far this season.  It really lacked any emotional impact.  And, seriously, someone please replace Georges Jeanty as artist!  I am not one normally for knocking art, but when I have to figure out who is talking by knowing who is talking to them, your art sucks.  I know it isn’t always easy to capture a real person’s likeness, but this guy misses the mark so often it is actually distracting.

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