November 21 2009

And I Finally Picked An E-Reader

nookAs I am sure as with everything else in my life, now that I have chosen the Barnes & Noble nook as my e-reader, it is doomed to failure.

My parents asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and of course I decided on the Barnes & Noble nook just in time for it to be sold out for Christmas … because that’s how I roll.  I’m scheduled to get mine in early January, and at long last I will be entering the new age of books.

My decision on the nook was based mainly on three things:

Free books – There are 500,000 free books accessible on the nook, that should be enough to keep anyone entertained for eons.  I’m sure I’ll end up buying some books, but for at least a while I’ll just be working my way through the free ones.

Wi-Fi – I’ll take Wi-Fi over 3G from AT&T any day.

LendMe – While I have no clue what other friends of mine will have a nook, I love the idea we can lend each other books.

Considering how long Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins and I have been podcasting about e-readers and how they will impact the market , I figured it was time one of us finally gave in and got one.  Mark has been in the same boat as me trying to figure out which one was the best choice, and honestly I don’t know if this will be the perfect one, but it’s the one I’ve decided to go with.

Now, why do I think this dooms the nook?  On Nov. 23rd, 2007 I picked HD-DVD over Blu-ray, and, well, we all know how that turned out since HD-DVD was officially declared dead on Feb. 19th, 2008.  There have been numerous examples of me picking the wrong “horse” over the years, so the nook isn’t 100 percent doomed, but me backing a gadget usually does add to its chances of failure.

I’m sure I’ll post a full review after I receive my nook in January, until then … start the countdown clock to Barnes & Noble pulling the plug on it!

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