November 30 2009

New Moon Is Still #1 At The Box Office; World Ending

new moonI’ve lost all hope for humanity.

As if The Twilight Saga: New Moon having the third biggest opening weekend in movie history, and the biggest single day ever, it remained number 1 at the box office this week, and has surpassed the domestic and international box office totals for the first film in the series already.

It is rare for a sequel to perform better than the original, but considering New Moon has been in release for 10 days as of this post, and Twilight had a total of 147 days to make its total, this sequel is going to bury the ever living heck out of the original.  The current box office totals for both, along with their budgets, are listed below.  (data taken from Box Office Mojo)

Domestic box office
International box office
Twilight $37 million $192,769,854 $192,227,954 $384,997,808
New Moon $50 million $230,674,000 $243,000,000 $473,674,000

You can see a full breakdown of how the movies are stacking up against one another here, but one interesting detail is Twilight dropped off 62.2% its second weekend, while New Moon dropped 70.2%, but considering the stellar first weekend, that isn’t surprising.

So, why do I write so much about this?  Do you really need to think about it?  You all had best prepare for an onslaught of every supernatural teen novel series, which there are several, to be turned into a movie pretty darn soon.  The movie theaters are going to be lousy with them as they can cast unknowns and produce them on a pretty small budget, so the risk is extremely low compared to the potential returns.

Remember, it was teenage girls that propelled Titanic to being the highest grossing film of all time, and here we go again.

Get ready folks, this is just the beginning of the roller coaster ride of teen girls over taking the local cineplex.

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