December 9 2009

Two Brooklyn Language Teachers Caught Up In Naked School Scandal

alini brito and cindy mauroWell, for once the teachers were at least not going after the students, instead,they were going after each other.

According to The New York Daily News (NYDC)  33-year-old married teacher Alini Brito was found with 29-year-old teacher Cindy Mauro in an empty classroom during a school talent show at  James Madison High School in Midwood, Brooklyn by a janitor.  While being in a classroom wasn’t so odd, it was the fact they were both naked.

The janitor reported the two tenured teachers to school authorities and they have been reassigned pending an investigation by the board of education.  Ms. Brito’s husband was reached for comment by NYDC, and he reportedly denied that any accusation have been brought against his wife.

The initial report is lacking in many more details except for comments from students that imply that Ms. Brito tends to dress more like a teenage girl than a teacher, and is quite flirtatious.  As for Ms. Mauro, they say she tends to be more reserved and conservative.

While this differs from the other teacher sex scandals I usually cover, if true, it is just another sign of people not using their brains.  The school is full of students, in an assembly or not, and you would choose to have sex in a classroom?  True, the NYDC report never blatantly says they were engaged in sexual activity, but it is certainly implied.  What these two women do off school grounds, on their own time, married or not, is their own business.  However, doing something like this in the school with students around is just stupid and irresponsible.

Where has all the good sense gone in the world.  Heck, not even “good” sense, just plain COMMON sense.  Would the average person not think, “Hey, maybe this isn’t such a hot idea to do this in the building where we teach, let alone with our students in the building.”  Apparently those that say common sense has become more uncommon or on to something.

UPDATE 4/5/10: Both teachers have now been found guilty by the Board of Education.

These two now join the roll call of teacher sex scandals for 2009!

[via The Inquisitr]

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