December 14 2009

CobWEBs The Roundtable podcast: Nexus One, 2010, our thoughts and predictions


Welcome to another week of the daily edition of CobWEBs, the flagship podcast of The Cynical Bastards!

For those who don’t remember from the other episodes, this is a new format for the show as we are going to try giving you daily bite sized chunks of our patented brand of cynicism over everything in the tech universe. The show will have a rotating host schedule between Steven Hodson, Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins and myself. You’ll always get two of us, you just never know which two!

Steven, Mark and I have a special weekend round table about the Nexus One, also known as the Google Phone/gPhone, and all of its possible implications for the mobile industry.  In short: this is a game changer.  If everything we are hearing is true, and we admit it is all speculation for now, the mobile industry was just put on notice by Google, and the consumer is being put back in the driver’s seat.

Google Pals Up With T-Mobile to Push Its “Nexus One” Phone – All Things D
Looks like the Google phone is real, named the Nexus One – Mobile VentureBeat
Report: Google to produce, sell own phone – Globe & Mail
GPhone Nexus One: A Fundamental Shift On Google’s Android Everywhere Strategy? – The Inquisitr
The Google Phone: Let’s clear up some facts about who really ‘called it’ – The Inquisitr
Google’s Nexus One: Niche device or disruptor? – Chron TechBlog
The Google Phone, Unlocked (Confirmed And More Details)TechCrunch

Push the big green button and have a listen in!

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