December 19 2009

Blogging Goals For 2010

It’s time to make my annual look back at my goals for this year on this blog, and what I want to do with it for the next year.

In 2008 and 2009 I did this post as part of a blogging project, and while the project went a different direction this year, I decided to keep up the tradition of posting this for my own reference and to maybe get some others to think about how they approach their own blogs.

The Goals For 2009


Comments -I wanted to see the number of comments go up this year.  They did increase, but still not at the levels I would like to see, but they are better.

Daily Page Views – I was hoping for a 50% increase in page views this year, to date they are up 282.61% … I’m floored and unbelievably grateful to all of the new readers this year.

Daily Revenue – I wanted to see an increase of daily revenue of at least 50%, and while I don’t have the exact number, it is way up beyond 50%.  Again, thank you.

RSS Subscribers – I hoped to be at 120 RSS subscribers by this time, and I am at 132.  Would love to be higher, but at least I beat my goal.

Social Bookmarking – I hoped I would some day get to the front page of Digg … well, I didn’t, and I just don’t care.  I did, however, have a really good year on StumbleUpon!


Writing Skills – I wanted to improve my writing skills, and … well, I think I’ve had some success in this area, but they could still use some polishing.

Internet Goals For 2009 – Other

Scattercast – Scattercast is still nowhere near the quality I’d like it be, but its getting there.  I also wanted more iTunes subscribers, and that number has crept up, but very slowly.  You could help by subscribing via iTunes!

Twitter – I hoped to be at 2,000 followers by now, and I’m over 3,000, so I made it!

The Goals For 2010


Comments – Would still like to get more discussion going on.

Daily Page Views – I really have no clue how I’m going to continue this stratospheric growth.  I am blown away by the 282.61% jump over last year, but I’m going to keep working at it!

Daily Revenue – Sure I’d like to see it keep growing, but that really isn’t why I run this blog, so if it goes up, it goes up.

RSS Subscribers – I really don’t know what I can do to keep this number growing, but I’m sure going to try!  Maybe 200 by next year’s post?  (Why not help out and subscribe to right now!)


Writing Skills – Going to keep working on them!

Internet Goals For 2010 – Other

Scattercast – Going to keep working on improving the podcast, but I really feel like I need a full-time co-host.  Any time I have a guest on, like when Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins joined me to discuss sci-fi TV shows or the Diabolical Miss M came on the show to discuss journalism, it just works so much better.

Twitter – My opinion of having tons of followers has changed, but they are still nice to have.  Make sure to check me out @seanpaune.

What Would You Like To See?

So what would you all like to see happen on in 2010?  What types of posts do you like?  Which do you loathe?  Is there anything you wish to praise or pan?  Tell me in the comments!

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