December 23 2009

Do You Have Your Festivus Pole Out?

festivus poleI forgot to buy a Festivus pole … again.

Yes folks, it’s Dec. 23rd, and that means it is once again time to celebrate Festivus – “A festival for the rest of us”.  As I have talked about this in 20062007 and 2008, this the holiday that was made up on the television series Seinfeld, and is possibly one of the only things about that show I found truly funny.

The idea is that it is a holiday like Christmas, except it doesn’t have all the gift giving associated with it.  Instead you do things like have the Airing of Grievances, since I air my grievances daily on this site, I don’t really need it.  There is also the Feats of Strength, but I don’t really feel like wrestling my father.  There is also a dinner, an aluminum Festivus pole in place of a tree and the hope of Festivus Miracles, but really, it’s just about taking a winter holiday back to being simple.

Each year I say how I hope to not be so tied to buying gifts for people, and yet every year I give in.  Course, it doesn’t help I usually forget about Festivus until the day before, and by then I’ve already given in to the gift giving, so what ya gonna do?

In short, I just hope as you all gather over the next few days with your friends and family, you remember that it is they who are important, and not the gift they bought you from Amazon.  If grandma knitted you a sweater, don’t be disappointed, just remember she knitted it with love, and honestly, is there anything in this world that will keep you warmer than a sweater knitted with love?

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