January 2 2010

Good Bye, David Tennant … Hello Matt Smith

Doctor Who titleThe End of Time part 2 Doctor Who episode has aired in England, and it will air in the United States tonight.  Thanks to the wonders of the Internet though, everyone around the world can see the first promo for Matt Smith’s tenure in the role, and … the last moments of David Tennant.

Although we have all known this was coming, it is still with great sadness that Doctor Who fans have to say good bye to Mr. Tennant as the tenth incarnation of the title character.  He has brought a warmth and weight to the character that will be very hard for anyone to ever top again.  This isn’t to say we won’t give Matt Smith, the next actor to step into the role, a fair shake, but he has some mighty big Converse sneakers to fill.

Below I have embedded the actual regeneration scene, do not watch this if you do not want to be spoiled.  It contains Mr. Tennant’s last line which is … it will be memorable.

And here is the first trailer for Matt Smith’s first season on the show.

So long, Mr. Tennant. You will be missed.

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  • I hunted YouTube for the second video and then gave up. I have a FB friend who is in the UK and a Who fan .. she said she didn't cry like she thought she would (not like we did when he had to say goodbye to Rose twice), but she said it left her stomach hurt. Can't wait! Thank you for the promo video. I won't watch the other one since we are going to see it tonight.