January 3 2010

Top 10 Posts of 2009

Another year has come to close, and has become tradition around here, it’s time to take a look at the top 10 posts for the past year.

First off, a huge thank you for the amazing growth this blog experienced this year.  In 2008 I saw growth I didn’t think could be topped with unique visitors growing by almost 600%, and page views growing by almost 700%.  I really didn’t think I could grow much more, but this year saw unique visitors grow by 325% and page views by 293% … I am floored.

My traffic is certainly not in the major leagues by any stretch of the imagination, but for a personal blog, it’s darn good.  I have no clue how I will continue this growth, but we’ll just have to see how things go.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 posts.

Saturday Night Live – Mother Lover – Last year saw the Who Is The Best James Bond? post bring in more traffic than the entire blog did in 2007.  Well, it happened again this year with Saturday Night Live – Mother Lover bringing in more traffic than the entire blog did in 2008.  Even without it in the equation, this year was still up, but boy did this post help out.  If you don’t know what the post is, just go and look, you’ll laugh.

revenge of the fallen logoTransformers Revenge of the Fallen Robot Pictures – Apparently when you can’t see the robots clearly in the movie, you turn to the Web for pictures of the robots so you know what the heck you were looking at.

47-Year-Old Susan Boyle Wows The Judges On Britain’s Got Talent – Ah, Susan Boyle.  She drove enough traffic to this site that I opened up  She was an amazingly inspirational story, and said a lot about society and its perceptions.

Christine A. McCallumAnd We Have The First Teacher Sex Scandal Of 2009 – Christine McCallum had the dubious honor of being the first of many teacher sex scandals I wrote up in 2009.  It was a busy year for teachers that didn’t know how to behave themselves.

Who Is The Best Star Trek Captain – Proving once again that you can come to for answers to the questions that keep you up late at night.  My selection for the order of the captains wasn’t too popular, but that is my right as the owner of the site to say things that not everyone agrees with.

Teacher Arrested For Texting Naked Photos To Student – Christy Lynn Martin, a 32-year-old teacher from St. Petersburg, FL was arrested for texting a 14-year-old student with naked photos of herself.  She is the second teacher to win a place on my top 10 posts of the year.

Vince Shlomi, The Shamwow Guy, Arrested For Beating A Hooker – Yes, the Shamwow guy hits women … and this apparently interested a lot of people.

Teacher Sarah L. Tolzien Accused Of Sex With 16-Year-Old – The third teacher to make the list of top 10 posts.  I really wish there were no teacher sex scandals to write about to be honest.

Student Teacher Lindsay Massaro Arrested For Sex With An Eigth Grader – Yes, another teacher … scary isn’t it?

Deadliest Catch Season 5 Premiere Brings More Questions Than It Answers – After the season premiere of Deadliest Catch season 5, it really looked like one of the main boats had sunk.  Luckily the boat didn’t sink, but people sure were curious after the episode aired.

Did you have a favorite post of the year I did?

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