January 4 2010

Survivor HEROES vs. VILLAINS Cast Announced

The cast for Survivor HEROES vs. VILLAINS has been announced, and it looks to be a doozy.

While I have generally stopped my reality TV coverage, and this news is actually a couple days old, I figured since it got lost in the holiday shuffle I would post it. Also have to say, I am shocked by some of the returning players, my comments follow the list. (memorable moments compiled by AOL Television)

Rupert Boneham
Age: 45
Seasons: ‘Pearl Islands’ (8th place); ‘All-Stars’ (4th place)
Memorable moment: Known for his boisterous personality, bushy beard and tie-dyed shirts, Rupert made his mark on the first day of ‘Pearl Islands’ when, embracing the pirate theme of the season, he stole the shoes of the opposing tribe.

James Clement
Age: 32
Seasons: ‘China’ (7th place); ‘Micronesia’ (7th place (injury))
Memorable moment: James has the unfortunate distinction of being the only player in the history of ‘Survivor’ to be voted out of the game while in possession of two immunity idols.

Colby Donaldson
Age: 36
Seasons: ‘The Australian Outback’ (2nd place); ‘All-Stars’ (12th place)
Memorable moment: Colby made a costly (to the tune of $900,000) decision when, after winning the final five immunity challenges, he selected the well-liked Tina Wesson to sit beside him in the final tribal council, instead of Keith Famie. Third time’s the charm?

Cirie Fields
Age: 39
Seasons: ‘Panama’ (4th place); ‘Micronesia’ (3rd place)
Memorable moment: Cirie endeared herself to fans through two seasons of ‘Survivor’ with her sweetness while playing an amazing social game, which included several blindsides and eliminations of close allies.

Amanda Kimmel
Age: 25
Seasons: ‘China’ (3rd place); ‘Micronesia’ (2nd place)
Memorable moment: Amanda became the first female to find a hidden immunity idol on ‘China,’ using it to save herself.

Jessica “Sugar” Kiper
Age: 30
Season: ‘Gabon’ (3rd place)
Memorable moment: Sugar spent more time on Exile Island (or “The Sugar Shack,” as she called it) than any other player; she found the hidden immunity idol almost immediately.

Stephenie LaGrossa
Age: 30
Seasons: ‘Palau’ (7th place); ‘Guatemala’ (2nd place)
Memorable moment: Stephenie was the only surviving member of her tribe; rather than participate in a merger, she was simply absorbed into the opposing team, and was quickly voted out.

James “J.T.” Thomas
Age: 25
Season: ‘Tocantins’ (winner)
Memorable moment: In one tribal challenge, J.T. lost half of a tooth to secure his victory. Host Jeff Probst later returned the tooth at the live reunion special.

Tom Westman
Age: 45
Season: ‘Palau’ (winner)
Memorable moment: During an impromptu fishing challenge, Tom stunned everyone when he caught a shark.

Candice Woodcock
Age: 27
Season: ‘Cook Islands’ (8th place)
Memorable moment: Candice chose to join the other tribe with then-ally Jonathan Penner — a costly mistake, as Jonathan went on to stab her in the back.


Tyson Apostol
Age: 29
Season: ‘Tocantins’ (8th place)
Memorable moment: Tyson will forever be remembered for his biting commentary during interview segments (“It’s funny when people cry,” he said) and his constant sparring with Sierra Reed, who managed to finish one place ahead of him.

Randy Bailey
Age: 50
Season: ‘Gabon’ (8th place)
Memorable moment: Randy held a grudge with Sugar for taking the last cookie that he’d bought during an auction. Much to his dismay, Sugar wound up giving the cookie away.

Sandra Diaz-Twine
Age: 35
Season: ‘Pearl Islands’ (winner)
Memorable moment: Sandra became sole survivor of ‘Pearl Islands,’ despite having never won a challenge throughout the season.

Danielle DiLorenzo
Age: 28
Season: ‘Panama’ (2nd place)
Memorable moment: Danielle’s key moment came when she beat Cirie in a fire-making challenge to earn her spot in the final three.

Russell Hantz
Age: 36
Season: ‘Samoa’ (2nd place)
Memorable moment: Russell went in intending to play the game hard and “evil,” which meant doing things like pouring out his own tribemates’ canteens and burning their socks just to get into their minds.

Jerri Manthey
Age: 38
Season: ‘The Australian Outback’ (8th place); ‘All-Stars’ (10th place)
Memorable moment: Perhaps the first “Queen of Mean” in ‘Survivor’ history, Jerri infamously accused Kel Gleason of smuggling beef jerky into the Outback.

Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano
Age: 34
Seasons: ‘Marquesas’ (10th place); ‘All-Stars’ (2nd place)
Memorable moment: At the live ‘All-Stars’ reunion, Rob proposed to ally — and now wife — Amber Brkich.

Parvati Shallow
Age: 27
Seasons: ‘Cook Islands’ (6th place); ‘Micronesia’ (winner)
Memorable moment: In an attempt to extend her stay, Parvati put her best flirt forward when she got into a hot tub nude with Ozzy and Yul.

Ben “Coach” Wade
Age: 38
Season: ‘Tocantins’ (5th place)
Memorable moment: In a shocking move, Coach chose to go without fire and food during his stay on Exile Island.

Courtney Yates
Age: 28
Season: ‘China’ (2nd place)
Memorable moment: Courtney was an aggressive player from the start, making strong alliances and crafty strategic moves throughout the season, though she is most remembered for her sharp wit and how incredibly thin she got during the course of the show.

My thoughts … wow.  This really is an All-Stars lineup.  The Heroes especially are like a “who’s who” of memorable players.  I do notice a lot of “match ups” from previous seasons (Colby/Jerri from Australia & Sugar/Randy from Gabon being the most notable), but overall this this is a great selection of players from both sides.  While the original All-Stars season was pretty lackluster, this one has so many large personalities in it, it is almost impossible for this season to misfire.

I know … famous last words.

And may I just say … RUPERT!!!  I knew he had to be in this.

Anyway, this season begins at Thu., Feb. 11, at 8PM EST.  I can’t wait for this one.

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