January 7 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains – Jeff Probst Cast Assessment

Survivor host Jeff Probst showed up on YouTube to discuss the cast for Survivor: Heroes vs Villains that were announced recently, and it is interesting to say the least.

I make no bones about the fact that I still watch Survivor as I find it fascinating to see how after hundreds of players people still do unpredictable things (I’m looking at you Russell!).  The reason I’m fascinated by this upcoming season is that everyone is entering the game with a label.  Normally we have to get to know the cast, see how they play and then we pick who we root for and who we loathe.  This time we already have our “heroes” and “villains”, but will any of them do anything to surprise us?  Will the Heroes sit around the camp singing songs?  Will the Villains be backstabbing each other before they even get their shelter built?

The answer to both is “no.”

I think this season has a chance to push our boundaries of perception, and we may walk away realizing that first of all, reality TV is so heavily edited that we really don’t have a clue or secondly we could realize that depending on your circumstances, your actions change.  Don’t expect this season to be as clear cut as many suspect it will be.

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  • anonymous

    overall, I'm happy with the cast, however there are other survivors that I would have liked to see come back–how about anybody from the first season-Borneo; the ones who made survivor what it is, what about BIG TOM or LEX from Africa-I'm sure that they would like to have a go at Boston Rob again. Johnny Fairplay is someone we love to hate, but hell he makes it entertaining. And although I hated her what about Corrine from Gabon, she's like the queen Biotch. Maybe they should have had a larger cast and made 3 tribes, because to me there are many other survivors that are too good to miss-some more entertaining than the ones that are returning.