January 20 2010

Multiple NBC Series To Produce Additional Episodes To Fill Jay Leno Void

While we all wait for the final news on what is happening to Conan O’Brien, one thing is certain in that NBC will have a programming void where The Jay Leno Show was. It turns out this is good news for some NBC series.

Variety is reporting that NBC has placed orders for additional episodes of some series to fill the 10:00 pm EST void that the network will soon be dealing with.  Trauma, Law & Order and Law & Order: SVU will each be getting two more episodes each, which in the case of Trauma is major news since it was in danger of cancellation.

On the comedy side, Community will get three additional episodes while Parks & Rec has picked up two more.  30 Rock and The Office already had ordered for more than the traditional 22 episodes that make up a season.

Of course the question now is if anyone will even bother tuning into the episodes on a network that is securely in fourth place?

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