January 30 2010

CobWEBs Daily Edition: It’s Friday folks which means – it’s Techmeme time


Welcome to another week of the daily edition of CobWEBs, the flagship podcast of The Cynical Bastards!

For those who don’t remember from the other episodes, this is a new format for the show as we are going to try giving you daily bite sized chunks of our patented brand of cynicism over everything in the tech universe. The show will have a rotating host schedule between Steven Hodson, Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins and myself. You’ll always get two of us, you just never know which two!

In this episode, Steven and I do our new weekly game of going through the TechMeme headlines and … well … making fun of them.  It’s a thing.

We also take a moment to see how people are spending money on Blippy, and Steven has some comments about a post by MG Siegler over at TechCrunch.(links by Steven)  Oh, and P.S. … expect some big things next week!

BoomTown’s Apple iPad Day, Starring Walt Mossberg (Plus a Steve Jobs Cameo!) – Kara Swisher
Apple to target iPad at business users with added features – sources – AppleInsider
Unexpectedly low Apple iPad price forces notebook vendors to re-evaluate their tablet PC strategies – DigiTimes
On the iPad – Alex Payne
Facebook Is Working On A Foursquare-Killer – Silicon Alley Insider mysteriously removes Macmillan book titlesVentureBeat

Push the big green button and have a listen in!

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