February 22 2010

The Thankless Job Of Being A Curling Fan

Hello … my name is Sean, and … and I’m a curling addict.

I’m not sure when it happened … or even how it happened.  I think it was the 2002 Winter Olympics, and I just remember being instantly hooked on this odd looking sport known as “curling.”  I mean, you won’t ever hear me say it isn’t odd looking, but man did I fall in love with it … I fell in love with it HARRRRRRRD! (sorry, curling joke)  And now it has become the thing I look forward to every time the Winter Olympics come around.

The problem is that when you tell people you are a fan of this sport, you get reactions such as this one from Jon Rettinger, one of my bosses at TechnoBuffalo, the other night on Twitter when I mentioned I was watching a game:

Yes, curling, seriously.

There is no doubt it is a sport that is easy to make fun of due to how silly it looks, but when you really analyze it, it is a very tense game of strategy.  When you put your rock into the house, when you set up guards, when and when not to clean and so on.  It is also a game of physics, trying to predict haw a granite rock will react when hit by another granite rock while sitting a slick surface such as ice … this is not an easy game folks.

Before you go and mock the sport (or its fans), I challenge you to sit down and watch a game.  Not sit there and cringe, but really watch it.  Listen to the commentators, watch the intent looks on the faces of the curlers, and I think you’ll find yourself sucked in in no time flat.

I’ve embedded two videos below that explain the basics of the game and the outline of the rules. Do yourself a favor, watch these and then catch a game over the next week as the games continue to air from the Olympics.

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