February 27 2010

Hawaii Tsunami Warning

This isn’t the normal type of post for this blog, but this situation is too serious to care.

The 8.8 Chile earthquake 2010 has set off a series of Tsunami waves that are heading for the islands and may be as many as eight to ten over several hours.  Everyone in low-lying areas need to turn off all electronics and unplug them in case of water getting in.

If you are in Hawaii, please get to higher ground or evacuation zones immediately.  Here is a map of the evacuation zones for the big island.  If you think this isn’t serious, please see this map of the energy expelled by the quake.  Waves are predicted to be six to nine feet.

The NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center is also showing that Japan and China are in danger, so please act accordingly.

Some kind hearted people in Hawaii has set up a UStream video of channel 2 in Hawaii so you can get local news as it is happening. (God bless the Internet)  These feeds will eventually go dead, but watch while you can.

This one is KHON 2 Fox
Online video chat by Ustream

This one is KGMB CBS
Free live streaming by Ustream

I will continue to update as I learn more. Everyone please be safe!

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