March 9 2010

Tron Legacy Trailer

tron legacyThe first full trailer for Tron Legacy has hit and … things have changed in the digital world.

We’ve already had a teaser trailer that gave us a taste of what to expect from the second Tron film, but this one gives us a bit of insight into the actual plot this time around.  If you’ve been around the Web at all, you already knew the basics, but this footage confirms it.  We still have no idea why Flynn disappeared into the digital world, but I’m not sure any of us really care … just bring on the digital world!

The only thing that worries me?  White-haired guy with a cane?  I believe he is the “night club owner” we’ve heard rumblings about … a night club … in the computer world … why?  I mean, I know it’s supposed to be a world separate from ours, but alike in some ways, but do we really need a night club scene?

Oh well, here it is, enjoy folks.  (we have to wait until December?!?)

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