March 13 2010

First Video From Predators Movie

All I can say is that this at least looks better than the two Aliens Vs. Predator movies … course, that isn’t saying much.

The Predator franchise had two good movies (throw rocks if you must, but I did actually enjoy the second film), then it hit the skids with two just absolutely awful Aliens Vs. Predator films.  The concept was a great one, but the scripts were just awful.

Now, Robert Rodriguez, the director of such films as Desperado, Sin City, Planet Terror and many more, has come on board with a totally new film called Predators.  The film doesn’t erase all of the other films from existence, it just doesn’t acknowledge them, and there really is no need to.  The basic concepts are there, so there is really no reason for those other films to have to be talked about.

The concept this time around appears to be that the Predators have been kidnapping dangerous individuals from Earth and taking them to a game preserve planet for hunts.  The cast is a fascinating one with people such as Topher Grace (That 70’s Show), Adrien Brody (Oscar winner for The Pianist), Laurence Fishburne (Matrix series, CSI) and several more.

The film is due for release July 9th, and while the hunter/prey concept is a fairly basic one, the talent involved in this one gives me a lot of hope for this film to be one of the highlights of this summer movie season.

Enjoy your first look and … is that a Predator pet?!?

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