March 14 2010

Classmates To Pay Up To $9.5 Million To Disgruntled Members has reached a settlement in a class action suit that could see it paying out up to $9.5 million to unhappy customers.

TechFlash is reporting that will pay either $3 or give a $2 credit for renewals to up to 3.16 residents of the United States who were mislead by e-mails that indicated they needed to sign up for a Gold membership to see what old friends were trying to contact them on the site.  After paying for the membership they would discover that in fact no one had tried contacting them.  The settlement covers anyone who signed up with the site as far back as Oct. 30, 2004.

As part of the agreement (PDF link), Classmates has not admitted any wrong doing.

Seeing as I have received many of these e-mails over the years, I have to agree they are exceedingly misleading in their wording.  While I was unaware of the class action suit having even been filed, I will certainly be following the process to filing my claim.  It may only be $3, but I will gladly take any money from this company that I can get considering my argument with them last summer.

Combined with their declining visitors and membership, I’m amused by watching this site fall.  I’m not one for reveling in the decline of a business, but after the way I saw how they treated customers, and the fact that they hold on to every penny for dear life, good riddance to them.

The sad thing is that even though 3.16 million people are eligible for this pay out, only a fraction of them will ever file for the money they have been rewarded.  They’ll feel it isn’t worth the effort, or they won’t ever even know about it.  I would love to see all of them file for it, but I’m not exactly going to hold my breath for that to happen.

Hmm, two posts down and I still don’t feel like the company has gotten their $59 worth of advertising for the money they refused to refund to me.  Don’t worry  Classmates, I’ll make sure you get your whole value!

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