March 23 2010

Chris Evans Cast As Captain America

One of the hottest roles in Hollywood as of late has been that of Captain America in the upcoming movie of the same name. He’s finally been cast, and the choice is … well, perhaps not wise.

Chris Evans, best known for playing Johnny Storm/Human Torch in the two horrifically bad Fantastic Four movies released a few years ago.  Now he’s going to be diving back into comic book characters on the big screen, and this time it’s the iconic Captain America he’ll be woodenly acting his way through.

Mr. Evans has signed for three films as Steve Rogers/Captain America, one of which will be the upcoming Avengers movie Marvel Entertainment is working its way towards.  The Hollywood Reporter says the deal is done, although both Marvel and CAA, Mr. Evans management company, would not comment.

The only saving grace at this point to this film in the actor category is Hugo Weaving, best known as Agent Smith in the Matrix films and the title character in V For Vendetta, has signed on to play Captain America’s arch-enemy, The Red Skull.

Mr. Weaving is a great actor, but I just have not been convinced of Mr. Evans’ talent as of yet.  Hopefully he’ll prove me wrong as this is a heavy role, but I’m not exactly holding my breat for anything spectacular happening here.

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