April 1 2010

Joss Whedon Catalog Added To Netflix Streaming

If you have not joined the world of Joss Whedon yet, and you have a Netflix account … rejoice!

Netflix today added what boils down to the entire Joss Whedon TV catalog to its Watch Instantly service.  This selection includes:

As a huge fan of Joss Whedon … I already own all of this on DVD.  However, the idea that I can now pull any of it up on demand without even having to dig out a DVD set?  Heaven.  Buffy season 6 episode “Once More With Feeling” will be watched tonight … perhaps followed by season 4’s “Hush” … oh!  And then maybe “Something Blue”! And … okay, you get the picture.

The only thing I would warn you of is that shows come and go on Netflix Watch Instantly, so if you want to watch any of this, jump on it and get started.  And with the news today that Netflix is coming to the iPad, you could be watching this anywhere.  Got some time on lunch?  Watch an episode.  Knock yourself out.

Netflix Watch Instantly requires you have at least an $8.99 a month subscription with the company, but the value in these alone is worth it.

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