April 10 2010

KFC Launching The Double Down

Didn’t Kentucky Fried Chicken change its name to KFC some years ago to get away from the idea of it being unhealthy for you? Could someone please explain this abomination called the “Double Down” to me then?

Launching on April 12th, the Double Down is a sandwich that replaces the bread with either two pieces of original recipe chicken or grilled chicken.  The makings of the this thing?  Why cheese, bacon and some sort of sauce, of course.

Is this some sort of insanity?  In a country that has taken to constantly complaining about how it needs to lose more weight, and we have multiple television shows dedicated to this concept, someone at KFC actually thought this was a good idea?  To me it looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

Many people are pointing out that the calories aren’t “that bad”, but have you looked at the sodium?  It’s about half of your total daily recommendation in just one “sandwich”.

Oh yeah, let me get in line now for this.  Believe me, no one really needs this thing, and, oh yeah, with that much sodium, you better get the large drink, and that will add how many calories to this meal?

This thing is like something a bachelor makes when he’s living alone, but doesn’t ever show it to someone else.  Somehow this one snuck out and is going to be mass produced.

I say avoid it like the plague.

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