April 10 2010

The Braindead Techcast Ep. 41: Techmeme Friday’s and no you can’t have our drugs

Yep, it’s TechMeme Friday! … and the Twitter buys Tweetie story broke about 20 minutes after we finished recording … of course.

We still have some fun with the day’s headlines, and the fact that the Apple stories just never seem to end coming down the pike.

(Links by Steven for some of the stories we discuss in this episode)

Apple Slaps Developers In The Face – The Flash Blog
It’s Official: Google Now Counts Site Speed As A Ranking Factor – Search Engine Land
Of course were hole fillers and why no-one should depend on only one platform – Loic Le Meur
Netflix Delays Universal and Fox New Releases, including Avatar PC World
Microsoft’s latest phone experiment – Reuters
Google accused of YouTube ‘free ride’ – Financial Times
iAd Solves Some Problems With Mobile Ads—But Not The Most Important Ones – paidContent
Who would benefit most by buying Palm? – CNET News
Microsoft Research’s “Manual Deskterity” explores the synergy of pen & touch –

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