April 26 2010

The Braindead Techcast Ep. 51: Moronic Monday and we don’t mean Gizmodo vs. Apple vs. Cops

In a first for this show, Steven and I address the Gizmodo/cops/Apple story … only to say we are not going to talk about it … yet.  Everyone is all over this story, and they are all making guesses.  We opt to wait for some more actual facts.

That being said, there are plenty of other moronic stories this week.  Want your websites rated like movies?  Anyone surprised by how the JooJoo failed?  Anti-virus software is a joke.  And do you ever question “studies” you see?

(Links by Steven for some of the stories we discuss in this episode)

This is insane – new ISP censors the web with movie-style age limits – The Next Web
CONFIRMED: Fusion Garage SOLD ONLY 64 JooJoo Devices – UNEASYsilence
McAfee admits “inadequate” quality control caused PC meltdown – Ed Bott
Researchers “Addicted” to Bogus Internet Studies – GigaOM

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