April 28 2010

The Braindead Techcast Ep. 52: It’s all about the bacon lube and FBI

I was so tired when doing this show, and then my cell phone goes off halfway though … it was just one of those episodes.

Beyond that, MSNBC decided to bleep discussions in congress today.  Really?  A senator saying “shitty” is that offensive?

Congress is looking at Facebook’s privacy … about time.

iPad getting hit by hackers … figured it would happen someday.

Firefox is going to try to hel everyone manage ther online profiles.

… I have nothing to say about bacon lube.

(Links by Steven for some of the stories we discuss in this episode)

MSNBC Bleeps Levin and McCaskill on Drek Deal – Paul Levinson
Facebook Takes Fire From Senators Over Privacy – GigaOM
iPad users targeted by hackers – Telegraph
Bacon Lube! – Daily Shite
Firefox Steps Up to Challenge Facebook’s Claim to Identity – ReadWriteWeb

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