May 1 2010

The Braindead Techcast Ep. 55: Techmeme Friday & Google’s support number found –

Ah, TechMeme Friday, that great day of the week where Steven and I get to attack a whole bunch of subjects in one go.  Always so much fun!

(Links by Steven for some of the stories we discuss in this episode)

Twitter for Android: Robots like to share too – Twitter Blog
Open Letter to Steve Jobs – Hugo’s blog
Waiting for  Don’t Hold Your Breath – MediaMemo
Gawker Media seeks legal reversal in Gizmodo search case Yahoo! News
The real reason why Steve Jobs hates Flash – Charlie’s Diary
Why it is too late to regulate Facebook – Robert Scoble
One in eight to cut cable and satellite TV in 2010 – CNNMoney
Family, Verizon far apart over nearly $18,000 phone bill – Boston Globe
Why iPad mags cost $4.99 each – Fortune
Los Angeles Bureaucrats Question The Transition To Google Apps TechCrunchIT
AT&T wants 3 strikes tribunal, government website blacklist – Ars Technica

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