May 6 2010

Buffy Season 8, Issue 32


Characters Seen:

(Yes, I am horribly late with this, and I do apologize, but regular life got in the way.  I am going to try to catch up as quickly as I can)

This is the first chapter of a new four-part story arc simply entitled “Twilight”, so you can imagine it is going to deal heavily with the Big Bad we’ve been seeing since issue #1 of this “season”, but have had no clue who who or what he was.

When we left off in issue #31, we saw Buffy fly, and now it’s time for the Scoobies to figure out what is causing this bout of super powers for our favorite Slayer.  Xander, Buffy and Dawn are out in the woods, and Xander is loading a gun.  Honestly, the banter here is classic Buffy, and I could reprint it all, but suffice it to say, this is a must read couple of pages.

After a brief argument if Buffy should start from a standing or squatting position, she finally agrees to squat, Xander fires the gun, and … Buffy runs and catches up with the bullet to see Xander scratched “Goonies Never Say Die” into the side of it.  Buffy catches the bullet and asks if that’s neat, Xander tells her “No … ”

The reason it isn’t is because next he has her lifting a train while he takes a picture of it with his iPhone.

Next up is seeing if Buffy can leap to the top of a mountain, she tells Xander she can make it, scoops him up and says, “Don’t worry, I got you.”  Xander plays Lois Lane from the Superman: The Movie by saying, “You’ve got me?  Who’s got you?!?”  (If you haven’t picked up on the Superman motif here yet …)

Dawn goes to Willow and tells her that this is bad because no one gets power without paying a price.  Dawn is bothered by how casual Xander and Buffy are taking this, and says even Andrew would take this more seriously … which makes then wonder where Andrew is.  As they keep talking, Willow calls Satsu and asks her where he is … and where are Faith and Giles, but no one is quite sure. As Willow and Dawn continue to talk, Willow wonders if Dawn is jealous of Buffy and Xander spending time together, but she assures her all is well there now.

Meanwhile, Xander is outside trying to figure out what other powers Buffy has, naming off a slew of things, including asking if she can shoot arrows.  All the while Willow tries to suggest this is just a temporary reward from the universe for defeating the Goddesses from the previous fight.  As the scenes keep inter-cutting between the two, Willow decides to cast a calling spell to see why no one seems to know where Andrew, Faith and Giles are,

And 7.2 miles away, Warren, Amy and an Army general are watching Buffy try out her new powers.  Amy refers to them as “nerd-a-trons” for doing the “faster than a speeding bullet” test.

Willow snaps to a realization … she now knows Andrew, Faith and Giles are gone.  (A cut to Amy shows she knows Willow has finally figured it out) The Scoobies go inside to do a search by magicks, Willow says even with all the Slayers in the world, Faith will be the easiest to focus on and she casts a spell that will take her to the Slayer who needs her the most.  (Amy senses her leave)

Willow pops up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia … Willow hates transporting as it makes her gassy, and she says the place smells of old eggs, urine and rusty pennies.  As she looks around, you see a form in chains, and Willow says, “My Goddess.”

Meanwhile Buffy returns to Xander and Dawn after flying to all of Giles’ known safe houses in the U.K. and Budapest, and nothing.  They’re hope now is Willow finds something …

Willow pops up in the Port of Miami in a shipping container.  It smells of metal.  She casts a light spell and spots something human flesh colored, she thinks Andrew is playing a joke on her, but she gasps when she gets closer.

We see Giles, Faith and Andrew waking up on a floor, and as they come around, it’s Andrew who realizes they are in the villain HQ because, well, he designed it.  It is exactly what he and Warren had always discussed building, and it’s all there down to the last detail.

Once again Willow transports, and this time it is Morgan City, LA.  Again she smells odd smells, but this time, there is a Slayer alive, although just barely.  Her name is Cori, she met Willow at training in Atlanta, and she is on the verge of death.  Something about a mob attacking them, and then we see the swamp is filled with the bodies of dead Slayers.

Buffy discovers she has telescopic vision, she can see as far as Greece and an older couple … “Ew.  Ew, like Internet Ew!”  She looks around the more general vicinity they are in and she spots … Warren, Amy and the General.  She runs to them at hyper-speed and then hovers in front of them to confront them.  They explain that Twilight kicked them out, and they are looking to get even, even if it means working with Buffy.

Willow pops back in, she’s figured out Buffy’s powers.  It isn’t a gift from defeating the Goddesses … it’s coming from all of the dead Slayers.  As each Slayer dies, it makes Buffy more powerful.

Andrew breaks through the electronics on the door to the room holding himself, Giles and Faith, only to find Twilight standing on the other side, looking to tell them of his master plan.

Overall a good “episode”, quick paced, witty and very much in the vein of the actual series.  Probably one of my favorite installments of the entire “season.”

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