May 8 2010

Buffy Season 8, Issue 33


Characters Seen:

(Yes, I’m still catching up!)

Xander goes to talk to Buffy, offering her some sort of food he refers to as “pirate’s booty”, I’m assuming it’s popcorn, but as usual, the interior art of this book is just not that great.

Buffy tells Xander that she isn’t in the mood for a pep talk, but he tells her that has been some of their best times over the years.  We finally see that Buffy is hovering several feet off the ground while sitting cross-legged.  She laments that she can only do this because she is taking the power from dead Slayers, as was revealed last issue.  Xander tells her this doesn’t make her a bad person, it just makes her like the Highlander.

This doesn’t amuse Buffy, and she reminds him that since they started this whole thing with all of the Slayer girls, 206 have died, and she has absorbed powers from each of them.  Xander tells her this doesn’t make her a bad person, but as she sees it, it makes her a vampire.

We cut to “Villain HQ” (that’s how the book labels it, and we see Twilight telling Andrew, Faith and Giles that he’s thinking of a number.  And he wonders who should die first, running down their names, although he forgets Andrew’s name until he says it.  As he keeps talking, Giles says he knows that voice, and Twilight says of course he does …

Xander continues his pep talk, telling Buffy that she was chosen for a reason, that she is getting these powers for a reason.  She says that is a better pep talk, and he says it’s from the first Superman movie.  Willow appears as a giant glowing head and asks if the speech worked, Xander says not to appear as a giant head, as giant heads are bad.  She asks if the Superman speech worked, and Buffy says she just wants to know what it is they are doing.  Xander says the same thing they “always do, Pinky, find the big bad and kick him in the boulders.”

Faith lunges at Twilight to attack him.  Twilight snatches her around the throat in mid-lunge and reminds her this isn’t a fair fight.  She asks why he thinks she is fighting fair, and kicks him in the crotch.  Twilight looks down, then back to Faith and asks “And what makes you think ‘invulnerable’ isn’t ‘all over’?” And promptly slams her head into the floor.

Willow and Amy are preparing to cast a spell to de-cloak the HQ.  It turns out Amy hid it three seconds in the future, and that’s why the Scoobies have been unable to locate it.  Once the cloaking shield drops, the Slayers will be able to move in.  Buffy says she can sense Twilight has hurt Faith.  Satsu says its weird, but Buffy says she can sense all the Slayers now.  Warren is complaining about how Twilight stole his HQ, but the General says he will have it back soon enough.  This concerns Dawn, but Xander tells her they’ll worry about them later.

The story begins flipping back and forth … the spell is decloaking the the HQ … Twilight is taunting Faith to get back up … Buffy is preparing to fly to wherever the HQ is … Giles is shocked by Twilight’s speed and invulnerability, to which he responds he can fly also, and that Giles knows where this is leading.  Faith asks when he means, and Twilight seems shocked that Giles hasn’t told her, or Buffy, that with all of his travelling he has it figured out, but hasn’t told her what she has become, or what is to come.

Something this Twilight in the back of the head, and he asks Andrew if he just hit him in the head with a Frisbee.  We see Andrew wearing an Iron Man glove, a Punisher vest, a Batman utility belt, carrying a Captain America shield, a Star Trek tricorder and an X-Wing helmet while he says “It’s clobberin’ time.”

Buffy gets the location, and before Satsu can finish saying “Go”, she’s gone.  Twilight is choking Andrew when the side of the castle he is in starts to burst in … next we see Buffy punching Twilight in the stomach and flying through the opposite castle wall pushing him in front of her.

You listen to me, Twilight — My god, is that really the name you picked?  Twilight?  Y’know I lived that idea first, right?  (and my vampire was so much better.)

Twilight says “Yeah.” as he removes his mask, cutting to Buffy’s shocked look.

Angel says, “I missed you too.”  (yep, Angel is Twilight)  Buffy drops him.

Andrew asks Giles if they won, but Giles says Twilight is definitely Angel.  Andrew is sure she will beat him, but Giles says not this time, that regardless of what she does, there is no winning.

Angel is searching the woods for Buffy, he says she is more powerful than he had hoped, that it was the first blow he has felt in a long time and thet she needs to think about what has happened.  Meanwhile, Buffy tears a huge tree out of the ground and concludes that it must be Angelus.  (To which he yells out, “And don’t think I’m Angelus either.”)  Buffy screams for him to stop talking, and that not talking was one of his best assets.  She sharpens the tree she pulled out of the ground to make it into a giant stake, and promptly throws it at Angel to only see it disintegrate as it slams into his chest.

Xander, Satsu and Willow can hear the fight going on and hear sonic booms.

Buffy goes at him, screaming about his killing 206 of her girls.  Angel explains this was going to happen no matter what, that governments were lining up against her and the Slayers, so he put on a mask, talked of master plans, and tried to slow them down.  She continues trying to punch him as he dodges, saying that he pushed her to absorb these powers of her dead friends.  He asks who said that.  Willow?  He thought she’s see further than that, and that isn’t why she has these powers.

She finally connects a punch, sending him flying.  He says it won’t make her feel better no matter how many times she hits him.  He says the increased power both of them is experiencing, that this is what they have been waiting for, what they’ve earned and what they need.  Buffy tells him to shut up, she says he must be lying to her because why else would he hide all this time?  He says he wasn’t hiding, there he was in L.A., things got funky, but now he’s better.

Buffy says she doesn’t care and that she wants to know why he’s been putting them through this.  He says she fundamentally shifted the balance of power, and whenever that happens, people die.  Angel says that he came up with the mask and cult to distract the bad guys, and to help her focus.  He says the twist she feels in her stomach isn’t rage, confusion or guilt, it’s her feeling him, “us.”

She knows he’s right, but refuses to admit it.  He tells her to notice the glow on her arm every time it gets close to him, but she says he is imagining the glow.  (Willow, Satsu and Xander wonder why they hear nothing, Willow thinks they’re talking)  Angel says her glow is expanding, and she still insists he is imagining it.  Angel tells her to let go, let her body tell the truth, and that is they are both experiencing joy, even more than he imagined they would feel.  He says this is for them, that this is their future.

Buffy says he doesn’t know her like he used to.

He admits he might now, but he also knows there’s a reason they are standing there, both possessing so much power.  There’s a reason he has loved her since he first saw here, and there is a reason they are both glowing and the fact that even though he is standing there with all this power in him, all he feels is weak.  He’s terrified she will leave before they can explore what this is, and that just for once it looks like the right thing to do is the one that will bring them happiness.  Doesn’t she want to experience joy?

They stare at one another …

They float …

They kiss …

Satsu asks what the sound is, Willow says “I think they’re f#@%ing.”

Well, there you go folks.  it’s Angel is Twilight.  I would love to have someone explain his power … and how it is he’s out in the sunlight.  Perhaps in the next couple of issues they’ll explain it.

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