May 9 2010

Betty White On Saturday Night Live

Well, Saturday Night Live did it, they had 88-year-old Betty White host for the first time ever, and the results?


Not only did Ms. White just kill it, we got to see the return of former SNL female cast members who are now moms.  This included Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and Molly Shannon who all popped up through out the night. At first it seemed like this might be a way to take some pressure off Betty White, but that woman was in almost every sketch.  Kudos to her.

Overall this was the strongest episode in years, and I was in physical pain from laughing so much when it was over.  This season has been so-so at best, but this episode was truly one for the archives.  I’ve pasted all the available clips below, enjoy.

To those of you outside of the United States, my apologies you can’t watch these. Blame NBC/Hulu, not me. Due to the number of videos in this post, I’ve also cut it so those on the front page of the site don’t have to go through all of them loading.

This Lawrence Welk sketch always makes me laugh … no matter how bad it might be to laugh at it. And kudos to SNL wasting no time in getting Betty White out in front of us. (in case you don’t know why it’s called “Cold Open”, that is what the opening sketch is always referred to as)

Ms. White’s monologue was extra funny to me as someone who works in the technology field. Great slams on Facebook.

The return of so many cast members meant we got to see some old sketches, including “NPR’s Delicious Dish”. This sketch has never failed to make me laugh, and this one was no exception. My sides actually hurt after this one.

MacGruber is a hit-and-miss series of sketches, but putting Betty White in as his grandmother? Freaking hysterical.

The Manuel Ortiz Show was an occasional sketch for a while, never that funny, but not painful. This one was dragging somewhat … and then they inject Betty White.

I was always able to take or leave Sally O’Malley as a character, but it actually was nice to see her again … and adding Betty White to it worked.

Scared Straight is always of questionable quality, but it’s gotten a lot better since they added the guest hosts. Yep … Ms. White is in it.

Gingey may not have worked if it wasn’t for Betty White constantly saying, “She’s a lesbian!”  It had me laughing my fool head off.

Census Taker was the closing sketch of the night, usually these are pretty bad, but hearing Betty White saying “Crotch Massager” was priceless.

The following two clips were sketches cut after dress rehearsal which happens on Saturday night, a couple hours before the live show.

Bronx Beat is always a great Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph sketch. This one was a bit weak and long, so understandable why they cut it, but still amusing.

Joyologist was definitely weak and unpolished, but, hey, it had more Betty White!

Betty White was barely in this, but now we know the origin of Debbie Downer.

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