May 11 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier Jeans Allow You To Carry A Baby … In Your Pants

About once a year I blow the dust off the “Crimes of Fashion” category around here.  It isn’t that I really follow fashion, but as I cruise around the Web I get exposed to bits and pieces of it, and occasionally something just leaps out at me.  Well, this year the honor goes to a pair of jeans from Jean Paul Gaultier that … really, how do you describe these?

You know, I’ve always dreamed a pair of jeans that make it look like I’m carrying a load of fescues around with me.

These … “lovely” … jeans will set you back only $458!  What a bargain!  I mean, who wouldn’t pay that when they have so many uses?

Really, everyone can find a use for a huge amount of denim hanging between your legs.  Thoughts on other potential uses?

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