May 23 2010

Why Does Ikea Hate Labeling?

Why does Ikea have an aversion to putting stickers on furniture parts?

Would it kill Ikea to put removable stickers on things that say things, like, oh, I don’t know, “A”?  Maybe get wild and use the whole alphabet and label all the parts?

After the last time I wrote about Ikea, I thought I would swear them off.  However, I really did like the way the Detolf displays looked, and I decided to be brave and get three more. Much to my surprise, the company had actually improved the construction and we didn’t have to make any modifications this time. Sweet! They actually do improve things!

So, I ended up deciding I needed a new dresser because, well, um, you see, I have had the same dresser my entire life … I’m not kidding. It was a hand me down from my Dad, and it was his dresser in the 1950’s. To be blunt, the drawers were not meant to hold the cloths of a man who is 6’4″ and just under 300 lbs. “Oh, look! I got a pair of jeans in this drawer! On to the next drawer!”  Not wanting to kill the budget, I turned to Ikea.

I ended up getting two items from the Hemnes collection, one of them being this 8-drawer chest you see pictured here.  I will say it was easy to build, but I got really, really tired of counting holes.  “Okay, this next piece in the drawing has … it looks like five holes … oh wait, six, I missed the one at the bottom.”  Would it kill them to say, “A” and then I find the piece with the little removable decal that says “A”?  Would that really be so difficult?

It’s assembled, it looks great, but yeesh it took my dad helping me to get this thing done in four hours.  We could have probably shaved an hour off of that if they would just label things!

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