May 26 2010

So Long, 24

And after eight seasons, 192 episodes (and a TV movie), Jack Bauer has finally left our television screens.

I finally got around to watching the end of 24 (spoilers ahead), and … excuse me, but the final season wrapped up essentially without Jack (Keifer Sutherland)?  For almost the entire last hour Jack was out of action as he had been shot, and then kidnapped towards the end, so we had to count on the president’s sense of guilt to end all the insanity … er, okay?  We watched seven other seasons where it came down to the wire of Jack stopping whatever happened, but in season eight we get Jack not even being involved.

Despite that, I did like the very end with him finally telling Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) that he appreciated how she had always stood behind him, and it was about time he voiced that.  The ending wasn’t tidy (you know, no mass exodus into the light …), but if they had let Jack go off into a happy ending, it wouldn’t have fit the tone of the series in the least.  Instead he goes back on the run, hunted by people that should be thanking him and holding him up as a hero.

So, a feature film is expected, and while we will lose the real-time aspect, there are valuable lessons the series taught me over eight seasons:

Make no mistake, I have no delusions to this show having ever been “good”.  It was a cliché-ridden piece of garbage that always made me feel dirty having watched it.  I was first grabbed by the concept of the series being done in “real-time”, and then it turned into a train wreck I couldn’t pull my eyes away from.  When I thought it had sucked as hard as it could, they would push it a little bit further.

So long, 24 … I still haven’t determined if I will miss your ridiculousness or not …

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  • "No matter what major city you are in, and no matter what time of day it is, you are never more than ten minutes from your destination."

    Except when you need a team without Jack Bauer to get there immediately, in which case no one can arrive at a scene within 15 minutes.

    This season's turkey award is won by Katee Sackhoff's character–not only the obligatory mole who got a top position at CTU despite having no past, but someone who was pitifully weak when confronted with an abusive ex-boyfriend who suddenly changed 1000% when it was revealed she was the mole–she transformed instantly from a stupid, weak-kneed sissy to a cunning, ruthless assassin, complete with the sudden acting change of adding shifty eye movements. Jeebus.

    BTW–your twitter sidebar widget is constantly moving, a real distract. I have seen several sites with this, and really dislike it. But that's just me–I hate motion on web pages, it never lets me focus on the reading.

    • Luis – I agree on the Twitter sidebar thingy. When I first installed it, it didn't do that, nor did they ask my permission to change it. If I can't figure out how to stop it I'm going to yank it.

      Yeah, the Sakhoff character was a mess. They obviously shoe-horned in her being the mole, and it sucked.

      Yep, you're correct, Jack's backup teams take 15 minutes :P