June 10 2010

Green Lantern Sequel Already Moving Ahead

Apparently Warner Brothers has a lot of faith in the Green Lantern movie because the studio is already moving forward on a sequel.

The long-awaited Green Lantern movie is currently filming, and isn’t due for release until June 17, 2011, but apparently that isn’t stopping Warner Brothers with moving ahead with big plans for the franchise.

At the end of May, Cartoon Network, another property of Warner Brothers, announced that it was working on Green Lantern: The Animated Series for release next fall. A toy line for the movie and cartoon are a given also, and already announced, but that isn’t all that’s coming.

Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim, the men who wrote the script for the current film, have been contracted to write up a treatment for a Flash movie and Green Lantern 2.

Really?  You haven’t even finished the first film, and you’re moving ahead on the second?  You must have a lot of faith in this movie, and as a life-long fan of the character, I hope it works out, but man do I think this is ambitious.  This character has next to no track record with the general public, and this is a whole lot of eggs to put in his basket without knowing for sure how it will go.

Count me in for the ride, I just hope enough other people follow along.

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