June 19 2010

Google Hot Trends Has Officially Become Useless

Yeah … Google Hot Trends has been busted yet again.

As a professional blogger I check in with Google Hot Trends at least a couple times a day to see what the Internet as a whole is talking about. This system reports on the 20 most searched on terms via the Google search engine for about the past 60 minutes, and every once in a while you see something that is completely insane.

What will happen is that some trend spammers will decide on a subject, and then they just slam the system as hard as possible to drive up the search term and bring the traffic to their site.  When you go and look at the top results for this search term right now, one of them is a website about insurance …

I’ve posted a screenshot of the top results below, you can click on it for a larger view:

As you can see, the term just appeared from nowhere earlier today and has gained nothing but momentum. I’ve checked some of the usual gossip rags, and not a word from them, and you know they’d be all over this in a heartbeat, so this looks fairly obvious to be a group trying to game the hot trends.

What this really gains them is beyond me as these trends reset every so often, so this will be gone soon enough, but it’s annoying for the time it exists.  Thanks for messin’ up the system for a night … idiots.

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