July 5 2010

I Wasn’t Aware July 5th Was A Holiday

You know what I remember learning in school?  The importance of July 5th.  Oh how I remember those tests about the importance of July 5th in the history of the United States, and how every year we have July 5th parades and …

What?  What did you say?  What do you mean it was July 4th I learned about?  I mean, come on, it had to be July 5th since everything in the country seems to be closed today, and people are taking the day off all around me, so it had to be July 5th instead!

Yeah, by now you’re getting the point that I don’t get this.  Sunday was July 4th, the celebration of the birth of our nation, but yet everyone seems to think that means they can take today off since it had the audacity to fall on a Sunday.  How dare it.  I even know of one case where it wasn’t discussed if people could have today off, they just assumed it.

If today was July 4th, I wouldn’t say a word about it.  I chose to work yesterday, but that was my choice as I felt I needed to get some articles written, but I never for a moment considered today optional.  Even one of my bosses tried to tell me take the day off, as did my parents.  Sorry, it’s Monday, July 5th, it’s just another day of the year in my book.  There are no picnics to be had, no parades, no firework displays, just another plain old day on the calendar which means you go to work, and the world keeps rotating.

And, yes, I’m writing this from my office … where I even dressed for work because, well, it’s Monday.

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