July 17 2010

It’s Official, Syfy Doesn’t Even Try Anymore

I guess there is something to be said for acknowledging just how bad your movies are, but when you actually aim for schlock, are you even trying any more?

Syfy has the tagline “Imagine Greater”, and if the channel even did so, I might go into shock.  Instead it churns out one horrible film after another.  Apparently the company is ok with this, and has now chosen to embrace it by teaming up with the king of bad movies, Roger Corman, to produce a film called … Sharktopus! Yep … half octopus/half shark.

I’m tempted to say Syfy has “jumped the shark” with this one, but … yeah, it just doesn’t work here.  Watch the trailer and be prepared to cringe repeatedly at just how bad this looks.

When you attempt to do a bad movie, it always comes out just being sad.  The “best” bad movies start out with some heart, but this one … egads, my eyes bled.

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