July 27 2010

Sucker Punch Trailer

Well, you knew the trailer for Sucker Punch had to be lurking around somewhere, and it has now shown up.


The other day I ran the first character images from the new Zack Snyder film, and while I was somewhat on the spot about it throwing all the rules of reality out the window, it looks to go even further that I suspected it would … and I’m all for it.

I’ve gotten a reputation as a movie snob, but really it’s just that I don’t want the audience to be insulted.  If a movie sets up a rule for itself, such as say “No one has ever learned to fly” and then someone flies because it is simply convenient to the plot, then I get angry.  If you establish this is a fantasy world and that anything goes, more power to ya, I’m all for it.  Yes, they could still muck it up by breaking their own rules, but I’m not going to walk in and hate a movie just because it has dragons in it.  If it’s established as possible, I’m fine with it.

All that being said, shortly after watching this trailer in high definition, I instant messaged Steven Hodson and informed him:

me: I wanna see this NOW
I feel like my eyes have just had sex

Watch it below, but if you have a really good monitor, head over to the Apple site to watch it in HD, it’s worth it.  All that being said … prepare yourself for a visual feat with a total lack of coherency.

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